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ACLU – How Do We End Racism in Policing.

The ACLU has changed it’s mind!: Instead of focusing on making police departments better, they are now firmly on the side of divesting functions, power and responsibilities from police departments and tranferring them to life-giving non-police-dependent alternatives. This video covers qualified immunity, police union influence, and use of force standards, as well as the big questions on how we can stop police from being such an outsized presence in Black communities. One example of redirection – the changeover from police transport of medical emergencies ( ambulances, which took place in the 1960’s. Share all these resources with your friends and family, along with the ACLU’s series of short videos called “100 Years of Racism in Policing.” (

NAACP leader on the importance of Black History Month

Preview YouTube video NAACP leader on the importance of Black History Month president and CEO Derrick Johnson joins CBSN to discuss the importance of understanding Black history as well as how the NAACP is marking its 112th anniversary.

BLACK LIVES MATTER, TREASON AND THE TIME FOR ACTION (Youtube has designated this video as age-restricted, so theres some nonsense you may have to go thru to get it started.)

1. Comparing BLM and capitol riots
2. MLK TAUGHT US: how to overcome racism and poverty 
3. ROOSEVELT SHOWED US: how to defeat fascism and inequality 
4. LINCOLN DEMONSTRATED: how to create a stimulus pkg
5. PRESIDENT JOHNSON failed to prosecute Robert E. Lee

This history is so important to know – and generally not shared in proper context in schools due to pressure and suppression from an anti-culture that is not sustainable and never was. The power and clarity derived from understanding these major events during the Civil War, WW2 and the civil rights movements cannot be over overstated. Hearing the words of MLK, James Baldwin, Roosevelt directly are healing and instructive on what we must stand for and what must never stand for — as individuals and a nation.” 


ONLINE – “Historically Speaking: 400 Souls—A Conversation with Ibram Kendi and Keisha N. Blain” (4:00pm PT)

Free, but reservation recommended. ( Join event here. ( Host – African American History and Culture Museum Online. Renowned scholars Ibram X. Kendi, author of How to Be an Antiracist, and Keisha N. Blain, author of Set the World on Fire have assembled 90 extraordinary writers to document the four-hundred-year journey of African Americans from 1619 to the present. Entitled Four Hundred Souls, each contributor writes about a five-year period of 400 years of American history using essays, short stories, personal vignettes, and fiery polemics. They approach history from various perspectives: through the eyes of towering historical icons, the untold stories of ordinary people, as well as landmarks, laws, and artifacts. An extraordinary, moderated discussion featuring editors Kendi and Blain will focus on historic eras such as Slavery, Reconstruction, Segregation, and their sustained impact on the United States

ONLINE – “Anna Deavere Smith“Notes From the Field / Snapshots: Portraits of a World in Transition (7:00 pm PT)

Ticket information here. ( Anna Deavere Smith uses her singular brand of theater to explore issues of community, character and diversity in America. Honored by the MacArthur Foundation for creating “a new form of theatre – a blend of theatrical art, social commentary, journalism and intimate reverie,” Smith has been listening to people across the country from all walks of life for decades, using Walt Whitman’s idea “to absorb America” as an inspiration. To illustrate her goal of bringing “people across the chasms” of what she calls the “complex identities of America,” she performs portrayals of people she has interviewed, recreating a diversity of emotions and points of view on controversial issues. This 45-minute presentation will be followed by a Q&A moderated by Stephanie Leigh Batiste, UC Santa Barbara Professor of English.This event is part of UCSB’s “Race to Justice – Winter 2021” series. See all here. (

ONLINE – “ONLINE – “Virtual Community Workshop” – (6:00 pm PT)

Facebook link here. ( Event by City of Thousand Oaks – Local Government Online: Register to participate today: about the draft Land Use Alternatives for the City!
The Land Use Alternatives will present three different options for managing the future growth of Thousand Oaks.Join us for a live, online presentation with city staff and the project team to introduce the draft Land Use Alternative maps that show the current and future use of land citywide. Public participation is critical, so don’t miss this opportunity to learn about possibilities for the future of Thousand Oaks!

ONLINE – “Green New Deal Network’s launch call — 100 days for Climate, Jobs and Justice: Winning the THRIVE Agenda” – (4:00 pm PT, 7:00 pm ET)

(Organized By: Sierra Club) In this moment of intersecting crises, we need a bold, transformative plan to combat economic, racial and climate injustice. To do that, the Green New Deal Network is building a groundswell of support for the Transform, Heal and Renew by Investing in a Vibrant Economy Agenda (THRIVE).

In the first 100 days of President Biden’s administration, we can set the course for an economic recovery that creates millions of union jobs, invests in Black, Brown and Indigenous communities, and takes meaningful action on climate. So much is possible in this moment — it’s time to organize!

We’ll be led by Tom Goldtooth of Indigenous Environmental Network, Varshini Prakash of Sunrise Movement, and Margaret Kwateng of Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, and joined by some of our allies in Congress as surprise guests! 

Sign up here ( and you’ll receive the link to join in your inbox.

ONLINE _ “In Conversation with Tarana Burke, Founder of the “me too.” – (4:00pm PST)

Facebook link here. ( In Conversation with ‘me too.’ Movement Founder, Tarana Burke, advocate for survivors of sexual violenceZoom Webinar: Please register at to receive a personalized link to join (please do not share your link). For the latest updates, check back here!This exciting event will consist of a moderated discussion and audience Q&A. Moderator, Melissa Charles (she, her), Assistant Director, African American Student Development will begin the conversation with the impact of the pandemic on sexual and relationship violence and move into ways we can transform our communities into inclusive spaces and what actions we take to focus on individual, as well as, community healing. This is a free online event. The audience will have the opportunity to ask questions after a moderated question and answer dialogue. Please submit questions in advance for the Q&A, please go to

Black Lives Matter requests…

Click here for text and call scripts. (

  • Action #1: Tell Your Rep(s) to Support Rep. Cori Bush’s Resolution H.Res. 25
  • Action #2: Support the COUP Act – Congressional Oversight of Unjust Policing Act 

“The enemy is within.” Expel Greene.

(3) quick actions (click here)(  to support March For Our Lives.This woman, who believes that the Parkland and Sandy Hook shootings were actually “false flag” operations or hoaxes, has been placed on the House Education Committee.


Tues 1/26: Three Quick Actions!

Call your legislators regarding the American Rescue Plan, sign petitions to de-fang the USPS’s DeJoy, the man who is still trying to destroy our postal system and to press Biden on removing the incredibly inhumane “Public Charge” rule.(

Get ready to flush the filibuster!

Jonathon Chait of New York magazine, stated that the US Senate is “the most powerful force for structural racism in American life,” and that “the filibuster has been a bulwark against even mild pursuit of equity.” Indivisible National is asking us to call our senators if we want to see $2k survival checks, the $15 minimum wage, immigration reform and action on climate change. Call/email your senators and tell them to flush the filibuster to stop McConnell from obstructing our two years of majority.

In the beginning, there was H.R.1.
H.R.1:Tell your representative and both senators that H.R. 1/S.1 – For the People Act of 2021 has been delayed long enough. This bill brings reform to finance, voting rights and government ethics that apply to ALL THREE BRANCHES of government. Legal guardrails, not just traditions that normal people agree to follow.

Tick, tock! We’re waiting for resignations!

Remove the whole eco-system of sedition/Remove the seditionists/Pass the COUP Act.

Disbar the lawyer/legislators who helped set our country on fire!

(We’re looking at you, Cruz, Hawley, Brooks and more!)
“Safe and reliable COVID-19 vaccines are available to several groups of people in California. But it can be difficult to find out where and how to get a shot. We are a group of volunteers calling hospitals and pharmacies daily to track their vaccine availability and their processes for getting one.

Indivisible Ventura

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