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Good morning! Yesterday, I mentioned the stalemate in the U.S. Senate over the organizing resolution, which McConnell was blocking over the filibuster, which meant Dems still hadn’t taken over committees and such. Last night, McConnell gave in, but the big question is Why? We’ve got more about that in the story on our site.

Meanwhile, in Frankfort, more impeachment drama, as a motion was filed demanding that Rep. Jason Nemes either recuse himself from the impeachment committee or be removed by the House. The motion lists a number of reasons why Nemes should not serve, including his friendship with the petitioners and his public attacks on Governor Beshear’s orders. So, for those keeping score, we’ve got the original impeachment petition against Governor Beshear, for which the House set up a special committee rather than just referring it to the Judiciary committee and killing it there. Having opened that Pandora’s box, we’ve now got an impeachment petition against Attorney General Cameron, an impeachment petition against state Rep. Robert Goforth, and a recusal motion against Nemes. I suspect Speaker Osborne is regretting giving any attention to the first impeachment petition.

Will any of this go anywhere? Hard to say. I can’t imagine the Republican super-majority will allow any of the subsequent filings to move out of committee. Will they also kill the Beshear impeachment motion, or send it to the House floor? If they are as scared of their voters as Repubs in Washington appear to be, they’ll send it to the floor. From there, who knows?

Let’s hope that some of our Kentucky Repubs have enough of a spine to call the Beshear impeachment what it is: a stunt to placate right-wingers and people with their feelings hurt.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

McConnell caves, Dems now actually running the Senate

As Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was talking about how to get Mitch McConnell to yield on organizing the Senate, McConnell suddenly gave in. Here’s more on what it means. (Forward Kentucky)

Recusal motion filed against impeachment committee chair Rep. Jason Nemes

A motion has been filed requesting the immediate recusal of Rep. Jason Nemes from chairing, or even being a member of, the House impeachment committee. We’ve got a summary of the reasons for recusal listed in the motion, as well as the motion itself. (Forward Kentucky)

1/25 update — Beshear says Ky. will be fastest state at vaccinating teachers and staff – but many are refusing shots

In an effort to return children to in-person schooling, Kentucky will likely be the fastest state to widely vaccinate its school personnel for COVID-19, Gov. Andy Beshear said Monday. But, a number of school personnel are opting out of getting vaccinated. Meanwhile, the overall COVID numbers appear to be declining, but are still very high. (Forward Kentucky)

Gov. Andy Beshear issues response to ‘baseless’ impeachment petition

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear issued a 45-page response Friday to petitioners seeking to impeach him from office, deriding their “baseless” claims against his emergency orders to slow the spread of COVID-19 as a “vendetta that has no support in the law or reality.”

The governor’s attorneys urged the dismissal of the petition by the House impeachment committee, which was created by Republican leadership in early January and is set to have its next meeting Wednesday.

“The Petition cites no facts and little law in a last-ditch effort to upend our constitutional separation of powers, hoping the General Assembly will ignore the judgments of the judicial branch as well as the will of the people in electing their chief executive,” stated Beshear’s attorneys in the response. (Courier-Journal)

Roberts will not preside over impeachment trial

When the Senate’s impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump begins next month, one familiar face from Trump’s first impeachment won’t be there. Instead, the president pro tempore of the Senate will preside. (Forward Kentucky)

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