It’s Inauguration Day!

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Inauguration Day is here! After four years of fear, anger and embarrassment, it is time to celebrate!

Those of us who have spent the Trump years writing letters, sending postcards, texting, incessantly Zooming and donating money know that there is a lot of awfulness to be cleaned up. But let’s leave that for Thursday or Friday.

In a Capitol fortress, surrounded by troops we pray are loyal Americans, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take their oaths of office to be our president and vice president. Once again, the American experiment has survived foreign and domestic forces who wished to dominate us. 

Biden, whose experienced hand and empathetic nature, forged by tragedy, is exactly who we need after the last years of chaos. Before his first day in office he has already proved his competence by the Cabinet he has selected and the executive orders he will sign on day one.

Harris, smart, outspoken and caring, has long been a fighter for justice. As a senator she showed us she had little patience for deception and political delaying tactics. The first woman to be our vice president, she will also be the first person of color to fill that role.

The president and his educator wife, the vice president and her attorney husband (who is Jewish), together are the image of the America we’ve been longing for, one of diversity, honesty and compassion.

During the COVID-19 remembrance on Tuesday, I was struck by what we’d lost, but even more by what we, with the votes of 81 million Americans, have regained. It took almost a year and 400,000 deaths to have a national acknowledgement and time of mourning for the dead. It took the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to return humanity to our government, but decency is on its way back. 

In his inaugural address President Biden said, This is America’s day. This is democracy’s day, a day of history and hope, of renewal and resolve through a crucible for the ages. America has been tested anew, and America has risen to the challenge.”

The fight isn’t over, but for one day, let’s just celebrate the new administration and the victory we all earned together!

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