What Happened Yesterday in Our Nation’s Capital

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Friends – By now the entire world has seen the shocking images from our nation’s capital yesterday.

You’ve seen the photos and videos; you’ve heard the shattering glass and gunshots; you’ve felt the knots in the pit of your stomach as Donald Trump goaded the rioters with more lies and conspiracy theories, even as they ransacked the halls of Congress.

We’ll skip the other details and just say this: People need to be held accountable for this, and Trump alone isn’t enough.

Speaker Pelosi and incoming Senate Majority Leader Schumer have both called for Trump’s immediate removal, with a second impeachment effort on the table if Vice President Pence and the cabinet refuse. We see no reason to disagree.

Also needing immediate removal is the growing list of Republican elected officials who promoted Trump’s riot or actively participated in it. In at least one case, a GOP state legislator live-streamed the moment he broke into the Capitol – shouting his own name, so everyone would know what he’d done.

People like that clearly had no expectation of consequences for attempting the violent overthrow of our last election – not from law enforcement, not from Republican leadership, not even from the voters. Events like this are going to happen again unless we prove them wrong.

That’s why, if GOP legislative leaders refuse to hold their members accountable for promoting or participating in Trump’s riot, we will do it for them by defeating them, too, at the next election.

We hope you’ll join us in that cause. Our democracy is far too precious to let it be torn apart by violent, white-supremacist mobs – but together, we have the power to make sure it never is.

Thanks for everything you do,


“United States Capitol” by Phil Roeder is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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