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Bots spread disinformation by pretending to be human, sharing and liking content they have been programmed to promote. Building an army of bots requires skills and money that most grassroots groups don’t have, but they have an even better superpower – real, human supporters. Their impact is maximized on social media by having them worked in a synchronized manner and working from the same playbook – just like a flashmob!

Flashmobs range from Twitterstorms to coordinated online actions. How can hundreds of supporters in different times zones be coordinated? How can volunteers get content to share and personalize? How can posts be written to increase their chances of being shared and going viral? How can a small group with little time, money and staff manage a large army of supporters?

DemCast amplifies grassroots messages by having volunteer social media influencers coordinate their social media posts using SpeechifAI to create better posts and VoteForce to alert volunteers when there is a new post to amplify.

Concerted action get results
Continuing in their wildly coordinated political organizing, K-pop fans (along with TikTok users) apparently sabotaged President Trump’s rally tonight at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale originally projected that the rally would fill the 19,000-seat stadium, with Trump scheduled to make an address to the overflow crowd outside. Instead, the outdoor address was canceled, and the stadium was more than half empty. Political commentators deduced that K-pop fans as well as TikTok users had mobilized to reserve tickets to the rally, skewing the Trump campaign’s projections and securing the empty seats.” – Vulture

Volunteers acting in unison have a greater impact online.


“Digital is the new battlefield of campaigning. Right wing groups bombard American eyeballs with images, videos and propaganda. They aggressively use digital tools to spread disinformation. Grassroots need a more intentional approach and even more organized into the future. Traditional news media is caught in a loop that distracts from important social and political stories. It is susceptible to influence, and contributes to uncertainty by providing equal air time to people who gaslight the public.

The social media landscape is littered with manipulative messaging, click-bait and lies. Local media has been decimated. Many have been taken over by conservative media conglomerates. Given the traditional and social media noise, it is incredibly hard for blue stories to get out.  The grassroots need a bigger megaphone. The left needs its own platform for curating on-point content and grassroots messaging, driving engagement and combating disinformation campaigns and bots. DemCast provides an outlet to get these stories out in shareable and persuasive forms.” – DemCast

DemCast services:
Content Creation: Activists, candidates, elected officials and grassroots/party-affiliated groups will develop articles, op-eds, graphics, podcasts, video blogs and other creative media.
Centralized Hub: Partners contribute their works to DemCast for further amplification, in addition to sharing it how through their existing channels.
Social Media Amplification: A volunteer army of grassroots social media amplifiers take content from DemCast and spread it strategically on social media, using geographically targeted hashtags and partnerships with local, state and national groups.

SpeechifAI applies artificial intelligence to help groups write social media posts that are more likely to be shared. It analyzed over 400,000 Tweets from members of Congress and brands to understand what makes a Tweet more likely to be shared or liked. Line breaks, hashtags, emojis, punctuation marks, sentiment, and use of capitalized words – all influence the success of a Tweet. DemCast uses Speechifai to create better tweets and analyze their performance.

DemCast volunteers are alerted by the VoteForce app with a message that has the URL to the new content and instructions on when to post it. DemCast can target which volunteers to notify based on where they live and their interests. Get the VoteForce for free on Apple’s iStore or Google Play.

How DemCast creates and amplifies messages

DemCast amplifies messages by having volunteers synchronize their social media posts.

Different versions of messages increase their distribution

DemCast creates a variety of posts that volunteers can choose from and customize.

Message alert volunteers to post to social media

DemCast creates subgroups to target alerts. Messages are created with SpeechifAI.

How VoteForce alerts volunteers to post on social media

Volunteers receive alerts on their VoteForce app. They choose the post they would like to share and then post to their social media account.

Take away:
“Okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation, ’cause I slay
Prove to me you got some coordination, ’cause I slay
Slay trick, or you get eliminated”

– Beyonce

It’s time to get in formation and amplify messages together. Support DemCast in its innovation to amplify progressive, grassroots voices.


Image credit: YouTubeNoun Project
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Our focus is on long term, sustainable and affordable solutions. An approach that is longer than an election cycle, and isn’t purely dependant on volunteers, can enable more qualified candidates to run for office and for more issue groups to bring about positive social change.

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