MO Democratic Insider – November 21, 2020

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Volume 2, Issue 33 – November 21, 2020

Thanksgiving in the Year 2020

Communities across the state are instituting, reinstituting, or strengthening local mask mandates and public health orders as Missouri continues down a path of uncontrolled outbreak. Please conduct your Thanksgiving festivities as safely as possible. The CDC recommends hosting dinner only for those already living in your household and not travelling for the holiday this year. 

We are on the brink of turning this ship around and we have so much to be thankful for, but this disease has taken a true toll on all of us. Warm wishes for a blessed Thanksgiving and cheers for a return to normal next year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Q4 State Committee Meeting Notice!

MDP will hold its final state committee meeting of the year on Saturday, Dec. 12th from 12-4PM via Zoom. These meetings are open to the general public and we welcome folks to listen in. State committee members will be voting on new Party leadership for the upcoming cycle including Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Committee members have unique log-ins that will be emailed to you, but supporters may register to watch the meeting here.

Black Friday Sale!

This Monday 11/23 through 11/30, you can save some dough while you stay warm and show off your politics in style this winter! Use the promo code THANKS and get 10% off! 

Do some safe online shopping and support your state party at the same time. Be sure to order by Wednesday, Dec. 9th to allow for arrival before Christmas! Visit our merch store today!

We Need YOU to Run for Local Office!

Municipal elections in the spring of 2021 will be here before you know it! The filing deadline for the general municipal election is January 19, 2021, so MDP is partnering with “Contest Every Race” to recruit Democrats to run for small, local offices like school board, county commissioner, assessor, city council, and many more. Outreach has already begun to recruit for these races. 

Interested in running? Submit your info and we’ll get back with you ASAP! And check out all our resources for folks considering a run for office here

How to Give Joe Biden a Democratic Senate!

The majority in the U.S. Senate will be decided by two run-off elections in Georgia on January 5th and folks have been clamoring to send help to our fellow Democrats in the Peach State! Here’s what you can do to help deliver a Democratic majority to our new President:

  1. Chip in $5 to take the Senate back! Chip in and your contribution will be split evenly between candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock and the Missouri Democratic Party. Triple your impact with just a few bucks!
  2. Make phone calls to Georgia voters! Virtual volunteers like you can have a huge impact in these races, so please sign up now
  3. Mail Postcards! Grab your leftover postcards and stamps and follow the instructions carefully to send GOTV notes to the voters who are going to help us flip the Senate! Sign up and get to mailing!

We’ve got all these resources and info on our dedicated webpage at:

**Calling all Democrats with Active County-level or Township-level Clubs**

Do you have an active local Dem club in your area? We’re compiling info to add to our website and have received lots of interest about how to get involved with very local, county-level or township-level clubs. Shoot us an email with your contact info, name of president, and website or social media accounts to so we can make sure supporters can find you! 

Club Leaders – Do you have rosters for your membership? Please send ‘em our way! 

Run a Better County Committee or Democratic Club!

MDP’s County Committee Manual is a 60-page comprehensive guide for Central Committees and Clubs. Topics include: goal-setting, how to organize and run meetings, manage conflicts, how to run phone banks, how to recruit volunteers, how to be active online, and tons more.

If you’re involved in a committee or club, take your organization to the next level by utilizing these resources. If you would prefer a paper copy of the manual, email

60 Days Until Inauguration Day!

We’re literally counting down the days until January 20th! Plan to hang out with us and your fellow Missouri Democrats as we livestream the entire ceremony to swear in President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris!

Can We Make It Official?

Join our grassroots army of dedicated supporters like you to finish what we started and build on our wins in the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives! Become a bonafide member right now! Dues are $35 for most and $25 for Seniors and Young Democrats.

We Have Online Training Resources for You!

The “Portal” is the MDP’s online library of resources where you’ll find training docs, guides, and best practices for candidates, county committee members, volunteers, and staff. Get trained up today and make an impact in your community! 

Access the portal here, but please allow a couple of days for approval as MDP staff vets all requests to make sure everyone accessing our materials is a Democrat in good standing.

Submit Your Event!

Is your club, committee, or allied group hosting an event? Let us know so we can publicize it on our website. A sense of community is even more important these days as we’re staying home and not gathering together in person. Submit your event here!

Thanks for Your Feedback!

Thanks to all the supporters, candidates, and local leaders who have jumped on our public debrief sessions over the course of the last two weeks. Our staff and party leadership have walked away with tons of great feedback, constructive criticism, and new ideas and goals. 

We are excited about the future, but we also know that strategy discussions and long-term planning will be an ongoing process. Please feel free to reach out so we can work together toward flipping more seats in 2022. 

Community Testing Events

The Missouri Dept. of Health & Senior Services offers free coronavirus testing pop-ups in communities both urban and rural all across the state. Find one near you here and stay safe!

Stay in Touch!

Don’t forget to follow the Missouri Democratic Party on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!


  • 12/12 – 4th Quarter State Committee Meeting (Virtual)
  • 1/5 – Election Day for Georgia Senate Runoffs
  • 1/6 – First Day of 2021 Missouri Legislative Session
  • 1/19 – Filing Deadline for spring municipal races. Interested in running?!
  • 1/20 – Inauguration Day!

Thank you so much for doing your part to curb the spread of this virus and keep your loved ones, neighbors, and workers safe. Continue wearing your mask diligently. Bundle up and keep any visits with people who don’t live in the same household as you strictly outdoors and distanced.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lauren Gepford
Executive Director
Missouri Democratic Party

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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