Act Now: MI State Election Certification is Monday – GOP Revolt Underway

Indivisible Fighting 9

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Hello Fighting 9’ers,

We need you to take action immediately. Here’s what’s happening. 

Background – County Board of Canvassers Drama

Tuesday, was the deadline for County election certification. The Wayne County Board of Canvassers eventually certified election results. On Wednesday, 2 Republican canvassers changed their minds. Drama ensued. Thursday, public requests to testify during a follow-up oversight meeting were rejected by the Joint Oversight Committee. Only clerks testified. 

Monday the State Board of Canvassers will meet to certify the results. Detroit News editor Nolan Findley (Republican) tells us that GOP does not have a leg to stand on and this is political theater. But the MIGOP’s intent is to distract, power-play and subvert the will of voters and push this to U.S. Congress where they have the best chance of a Trump win. Today Republicans, Senator Mike Shirkey and Leader Lee Chatfield are meeting with Trump in DC to get their orders, while at home the MIGOP is staging a revolt, appointing electors, and ignoring COVID. 

What to do Right Now – Calls to Action 

Contact Legislative Leaders in every way possible.  

Senator Mike Shirkey:  

Phone: (517) 373-5932
Fax: (517) 373-5944
Twitter:  @senmikeshirkey

Leader Lee Chatfield:

Phone:   (517) 373-2629
Twitter:  @LeeChatfield

Sample script (edit to your liking): 

Dear Senator/Representative:

I’m writing to remind you that as a Michigan GOP leader you represent all Michigan voters and it’s your job to reassure people that their vote matters. Your role in advancing attacks on our election systems and promoting actions outside democratic norms undermines our faith in government, and in you. We need calm leadership while we face rapid spread of COVID19. Stop playing political partisan games that inflame division.  

Senator/Representative, reassure us that you are committed to democracy. Make it clear to the public that you will not overturn the will of voters.   

Michigan Voter 

Next Steps 

This Monday’s State Board of Canvassers meeting information will be forthcoming. We expect it to be a virtual meeting. More on this coming.  Stay tuned to our FB page and your emails from Fighting 9.

Stay vigilant.


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