An Open Letter to General Services Administrator Emily Murphy

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Ms. Murphy,

Over the past few days, your paralyzed deference to fascism has threatened the sustenance of our American democracy.  Time is now running out.  Your continued failure to perform your duty to promote an orderly transition of Presidential power will be measured by the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of American lives lost due to COVID and violent political unrest.  I believe that when you search your own soul, you’ll find enough goodness, reverence for democratic ideals, and respect for the lives of your fellow Americans to do the right thing.

Your mere acknowledgment that there will be a transition of power will serve to calm tensions and prevent violent upheaval.  Donald Trump has lost the election.  It wasn’t close.  The only possible way for him to retain power is to enact the boldest and most visible political coup in modern history; your refusal to act is emboldening the forces working to perpetuate the coup.  Surely you are aware that democracy depends upon orderly transitions of power, so you must realize that your silence at this moment is an assent to fascism.

The legacy you’ll leave hinges on this moment.  I can’t imagine the enormity of the pressure you feel.  But rarely in history is one given the chance to simultaneously save thousands and forward the cause of democracy with a single act; I’m certain you’ll never regret making the correct choice.  For the sake of millions of Americans and the survival of our Republic itself, I urge you to stand up and sign off on the Presidential transition funding today.

Keith Pochick, MD
Charlotte, NC

Photo by Tabrez Syed on Unsplash

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