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The election is over. The result was, and continues to be, clear: President-Elect Biden won the popular vote and the Electoral College count by decisive margins.

And yet we continue to see an unprecedented assault on American democratic values by rank and file Republicans scattered across the country, who have embraced the baseless conspiracy theory that our election was somehow fraudulent. This rhetoric is extraordinarily dangerous, and, while we all recognize it as a desperate, flailing attempt doomed to failure, Protect Our Election is committed to rooting it out and holding officials accountable for their role in weakening American democracy.We cannot let these irresponsible, seditious public comments stand – and we must not forget them.

We are asking voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin to take action today by contacting state legislators and making it clear that American democracy must never be destroyed from within. We are also building a database of every public official who has indulged conspiracy theories about election fraud; if you see this in your community, please report it to info@protectourelection.com

Contact your Legislatures today:

PA: https://www.protectourelection.com/contact-pennsylvania-assembly

MI: https://www.protectourelection.com/contact-michigan-legislature

WI: https://www.protectourelection.com/contact-wisconsin-legislature

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