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Today is Monday, the day before. Today, for everyone you meet, ask them if they’ve voted already. You’re not asking them how they voted, just if they have. The nice lady who boxed up 3 dozen donuts for us to take to the hardworking poll workers at our elections division, had no idea where the nearest polling place was. We showed her a list of nearby places ( She was a citizen but had never voted before, so we gave her this.

Voters can register and vote all day today and tomorrow. And because she asked how we voted, we wrote down our voting guide link on the back of a business card. ( This guide has all the links for the information above as well. When you’re not talking to people IRL, please join a phone/textbank talking, and listening, to actual voters from the comfort of your own home. Potential voters need your encouragement. Here are links on how to connect to the phone and textbanks that are running through tomorrow. and If you encounter any sort of intimidation when you go to vote, we’ve provided information and phone numbers to help yourself and others. Voter intimidation is a serious crime, both as a federal and state crime. Also, be ready to take pictures and videos if you sense something is amiss and send them to

If you’ve already voted, Show up tomorrow as an Election defender at a polling place near you! Info: Join SURJ national for a call about Election Defenders tonight at 5pm:

Or, you can also watch a training online from Election Defenders at

Frontline Election Defenders will be supporting voters *outside* of specific poll locations to ensure that every voter is able to cast their ballot in a safe, free, and fair election, by:- offering water, masks, and hand sanitizer to voters waiting in line,- answering basic questions – asking voters leaving the polling location if they were able to cast their vote and reporting any issues to legal observers,- practicing bystander intervention to reduce the impact of voter intimidation efforts,- escorting voters to/from the parking lot or bus stop if there is intimidation – sharing joy with voters through music, dance, etc.

Join organizers and community members at the “Organizing Beyond the Election” event, 12pm-? at Plaza Park Ventura. Presented by the Ventura Antiracist Social Club and Ventura Tenants Union. Free pizza! For right after the polls close, we’re asking people to alert their contacts in counties and states that use voting machines to volunteer to photograph poll tapes. Trump will assuredly declare loudly that results that swing against him are corrupt in some way, but history proves that it’s the GOP, in conjunction with machinery and software, who have actually stolen elections. For those of us for whom this whole topic is new, it’s explained here, along with how we can help with poll tape analysis.

Keep your calendars marked with “Events happening tomorrow” and “Events happening soon”

Heads up, people. This will not be over tomorrow, but it will be soon.

Indivisible Ventura

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