416,970 Michigan Democratic Voters’ Ballots Are Still Out There! You Can Help Easily

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Help Democratic Voters Get Their Ballots Back!

Reach Out volunteers are helping 10’s of thousands of voters every day!
Please help us keep it going with a donation. We pay for every text message Click Here

There are still ~416,970 Democratic Absentee Voters who haven’t turned their ballot in. We will be contacting every one of them starting now!
Using Reach Out is free, uses our web-phone so you don’t have to use yours, is anonymous, and no training is needed! Click here to see all of the campaigns.

  1. See a voter
  2. Read the text message
  3. Send text

It’s so easy to make a difference!


The Ballot Chase puts you in touch with voters whose absentee ballots are still sitting on their kitchen table. Help them turn it in on time!
The downside of not acting? 20% of Democratic voters didn’t return their ballots in the August Primary. That is 365,494 votes at risk, which may not count in November without your help! This is our chance! Get the ballots back!

Click Here to get started!

The Plan To Win

  1. Promote “Turn Your Ballot In Please” to every Absentee Voter with a ballot on their kitchen table. There is a lot of confusion to clear up! Through Tuesday, November 3rd
  2. Promote “You can still vote early!” to Democratic voters who haven’t started. Thursday and Friday only
  3. Promote “Vote at the Polls!” to all Dems! Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Join us! It’s working! Please give till it hurts (a little)!

Donate to Wave!

We need your help! Please consider donating to Wave and our efforts to win in 2020. A $25 donation pays for text messages to 2,500 voters. We’re texting hundreds of thousands of Democratic Voters to return their ballots or show up to the polls… unless we have to shut down for lack of funds. Please donate.

Donate to Wave

Ballot Power
Chosen by ACLU’s michiganvoting.com!

Ballotpower.org, the easiest way to vote in Michigan.

  • Vote from home
  • Vote early, in person
  • Find your drop box
  • Track your ballot

Ballot Power and Michiganvoting.org partner to offer the easiest ways to vote safely and to know your vote is counted.

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