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— Publisher’s Note —

Good afternoon! There’s a saying I heard from some adults when I was a kid. I would say something like “I wish it was Christmas already,” or “I wish we were already on vacation.” And the adult would say “Don’t wish your life away.”

Well, sorry other adults, but here’s the truth: I wish today was next Tuesday, and we would know whether we have finally put an end to the Trump Trainwreck and the McConnell Mayhem.

Of course, we may not know about the presidential race on election night. Some states will be counting absentee ballots for a while. But it’s also possible that Biden closes out the deal that night, if enough swing states clearly go his way.

I’m ready for this to be over, with “this” including Trump, McConnell, the election, the damage, the chaos. But the truth is, even if Biden wins, it won’t be “over.”

In fact, the only thing a Biden victory does is stop the bleeding. We still have a long rebuilding project ahead of us.

But in the meantime, I am free to wish. And to hold onto the rope of hope.

Go vote. Get your friends and family to vote. Ask complete strangers if they have voted.

It’s a good way to make the time pass until next Tuesday.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

10/26 update — Recommendations for red-zone counties; health chief says infection risk has never been higher

As coronavirus cases escalate across Kentucky like never before, Gov. Beshear made new recommendations, not mandates, for high-infection counties, putting the responsibility for thwarting the virus squarely on communities. (Forward Kentucky)

Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

The Senate has voted to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, just about a week before the general election and 30 days after she was nominated by President Trump to fill the seat of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (Forward Kentucky)

Women’s March responds to Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS confirmation

We are here to make it very clear: the political leaders who take over the White House and Senate on November 3rd are accountable to us, and their agenda must reflect one that works for all. (Forward Kentucky)

In debate, McGrath rails against McConnell on SCOTUS push and lack of relief bill, as McConnell is in DC confirming Barrett

Democrat Amy McGrath made a closing pitch to a statewide TV audience Monday night at a forum that took place as her Republican opponent in Kentucky — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — basked in the confirmation of another conservative to the Supreme Court.

While McGrath and Libertarian candidate Brad Barron took turns answering questions, McConnell finished shepherding through Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the nation’s highest court.

Down in the polls and barely a week before Election Day, McGrath was on the attack from start to finish. The retired Marine combat pilot accused McConnell of misplaced priorities by pushing through Barrett’s confirmation while another coronavirus relief package has stalled in Congress. (Herald-Leader)

When it comes to voting — Know the rules. Know your rights.

Secretary of State Adams today announced guidance to protect voters from intimidation at the polls. “Voting is your sacred right. Don’t let anyone take it away – know your rights,” Adams said. Here’s a list of the rules and rights for voting. (Forward Kentucky)

Judge tells state to keep Anthem in Medicaid managed care

A Frankfort judge ordered the state Friday to keep Anthem Inc. as one of its managers of Medicaid, an $8 billion program that pays for health care for one of every three Kentuckians. (Forward Kentucky)

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Whose privacy is the University of Kentucky trying to protect? – Ultimately, “University of Kentucky v The Kernel Press” will decide whether a public university can evade accountability for its actions by erecting an impenetrable privacy smoke screen. (Commentary)

*What’s on the line if SCOTUS overturns Obamacare? Only the livelihoods and lives of Kentuckians – If the Supreme Court, likely including Amy Coney Barrett, rules in favor of dismantling the ACA, the imminent threats to millions of Kentuckians’ well-being and quality of life are clear. (Policy)

Labor prepares for last-minute general strike if Trump tries to steal election – The aim of a national general strike, according to Maloney, is to raise the stakes while pressuring Congress to act as a proper check “to maintain our democracy and keep tabs on a wannabe tyrant.” (News)

Think we’re “turning the corner”? Look at these maps. – A Daily Kos reader provided these week-by-week maps of COVID spread across the country, plus a map showing mask wearing by county. Think we’re turning a corner? Look at these maps. (News)

*Ball goes after Beshear; the KDP goes after Ball – State Treasurer Allison Ball has announced an investigation of Governor Beshear’s use of funds to fight the virus. The KY Democratic Party responds to Ball’s actions. (Commentary)

Why haven’t these candidates filed their financial reports? – Out of around 200 candidates running for the state legislature, how many would you guess have failed to file one or more of their campaign finance reports? How about over 30? (News)

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