2020 UPDATE: Election Experts Announce Major Ratings Changes

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'Rating Changes Toward Democrats Add to a Growing Edge'

With BARELY a week to go until Election Day, the nonpartisan elections experts at Cook Political Report just unleashed a major new set of ratings changes.

Earlier this year, these same analysts forecast a potential tossup election. But now, according to Cook, Republicans should “brace for a blowout” – from the top of the ballot to the bottom.

If Democrats can rise to the moment and deliver one final, mammoth surge of energy and turnout in these last days, then we could topple up to 14 Republican legislative majorities – and now a coalition of donors has stepped up to MATCH every gift to help us do it!

Some of the best election forecasters in the country think Democrats are the verge of something historic. Pitch in NOW to fuel those victories in states across the nation, every dollar of your gift will have FIVE TIMES the impact >>

After everything that’s happened these past four years – everything we’ve seen Trump and his state allies do – a deep blue wave must happen for us to have any chance of repairing the damage.

That will be even more true if Trump manages to shove his latest nominee onto the Supreme Court. With six right-wing justices ready to rubber-stamp every Republican state legislator’s most extreme ideas, knocking them from power NOW is our only chance.

These latest ratings changes say it’s possible, but ONLY if we fight with as much intensity as we can over the last few days.


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