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Good morning! How’s the mask-wearing in your part of Kentucky? I’m in Louisville, and it’s pretty good in the stores here. Most of them require masks (as they are supposed to do), and people wear them.

I hear, though, that in some parts of the state mask-wearing is low, or even non-existent. People aren’t taking the virus seriously, and so aren’t taking mask-wearing seriously either.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand that. There’s a virus out there that is highly infectious, that infects some people without symptoms so you don’t know if they have it or not, and that randomly causes severe illness or even death. Why wouldn’t you take a simple precaution to protect yourself and your loved ones? Especially one that is inexpensive, easy to do, and really doesn’t interfere with your activities?

Obviously, some people see it as a political statement. That’s silly, of course, but politics can often make fools of all of us. In this case, though, it could wind up becoming the last political statement someone makes.

Wear your masks. Ask others to wear theirs. If you go into a store and they are not enforcing the mask mandate, tell them you are going to find another place to spend your money, then do.

Oh and by the way – vote for the candidates that are wearing masks. It’s time we get elected officials who actually act on science and not just politics.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

10/17-18 updates — Case numbers continue to climb

Cases of the coronavirus continue to increase, along with hospitalizations. “Things are not moving in the right direction; they continue to escalate,” Beshear said. “This virus is our enemy, not each other.” (Forward Kentucky)

Sixth Circuit reinstates abortion law that could close clinics in Kentucky

The ruling overturns a 2018 injunction that had blocked the law. Now clinics will either have to arrange transfer agreements, or get a waiver every 90 days. If the waiver isn’t granted, they would have to close. (Forward Kentucky)

Will Dems flip any KY House or Senate seats? Robert Kahne analyzes the chances.

Robert Kahne, the co-host of My Old Kentucky Podcast, takes a look at a number of races for the state Senate and House, and gives his predictions on possible pickups and losses for both parties. (Forward Kentucky)

A lawyer looks at the constitutional amendments on the ballot

Have you been wondering how to vote on the two constitutional amendments on the ballot? Jazmin Smith, a lawyer and co-host of “My Old Kentucky Podcast,” digs into both and offers her take on them. (Forward Kentucky)

COVID-19 vaccine will take a year or more to distribute to all Kentuckians, official says

Kentucky is expecting to receive its first federal shipment of the COVID-19 vaccine in in late 2020 or early 2021 — but it will likely take a year or more to get that vaccine to the Bluegrass State’s 4.4 million residents, the commissioner of the state’s Department for Public Health said Friday.

Dr. Steven Stack announced that Kentucky submitted an initial comprehensive draft to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Friday on how the state plans to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to local health departments and health care organizations.

“The first phase of the plan will help ensure those most at risk — certain health care workers and first responders — have access to the vaccination,” Stack said. “The plan will accommodate vaccinating these essential workers in every county across the commonwealth.” (Courier-Journal)

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