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Five Things to Know Today

— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! We need to talk about “fake news.”

No, not the stuff President Trump calls out, which is actually real news. He calls it fake because it’s the truth and he doesn’t care for the truth.

The fake news I’m talking about is “news” that actually IS fake. It’s always been a problem, but with the ease of sharing that social media brings, and the fact that everything is digital and easily copied and/or manipulated, it is getting much worse.

The leading example of “fake news” this morning is a story in the New York Post about “Biden’s emails.” (Yes, believe it or not, they are recycling 2016 and “her emails.”) The story was provided to the Post by Rudy Guiliani, which should automatically set off your spidey sense about the story.

Supposedly, a computer repairman worked on a laptop that had been damaged, and in doing so, discovered it belonged to Hunter Biden. (He says.) On the hard drive, he found emails, and one of them was (supposedly) a Ukrainian businessman thanking Hunter for introducing the businessman to his father Joe Biden.

That’s it. The entire story is that someone emailed Hunter Biden asking for an introduction. And there’s no evidence that Hunter Biden even responded. Or that the meeting actually took place. And yet, the NY Post and Fox News and all the other parts of the right-wing Mighty Wurlitzer are breathlessly promoting this threadbare story.

Numerous actual news outlets have already poked holes in this “breaking story,” including Business Insider, the Washington Post, and others. And yesterday, both Facebook and Twitter began limiting the sharing of the story, calling it “possible disinformation.”

And yet, it is out there. And your uncle who only watches Fox News is going to see it — with none of the stories debunking it — and he’s going to believe it, and share it.

How do we fight this? One way is to find multiple news and analysis sources that you can trust. That also means consuming your news from more than one source, so you are not getting just one viewpoint.

For the record, if we publish something labeled News, we do our best to make sure it is objectively true. I have received many tips and stories that I wound up not posting, because we could not lock down the veracity of the story.

Find your trusted sources. (Including us, I hope.) Bookmark sites like Snopes and other fact-checkers. Don’t share something you just read without verifying it, especially if it conveniently fits into what you expected to be true anyway.

In other words, get yourself a Fake News mask, and wear it. 😉😷

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

10/14 update — Kentucky records 1,346 new cases, the most found in one day

Gov. Beshear’s hope for a stabilization in cases was crushed Wednesday as he announced 1,346 cases, which brought the unadjusted seven-day rolling average of daily new cases to 937, the state’s highest yet. (Forward Kentucky)

About 57K Kentuckians show up for first day of early voting

More than 57,000 Kentuckians cast a ballot during the Bluegrass State’s first day of early, in-person voting for the upcoming general election. And of that vote total, about 10,000 came from the commonwealth’s most populous county, Jefferson.

Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams wrote in a tweet Wednesday morning that 57,154 registered voters took part on Tuesday. He added that these numbers are preliminary and could be higher than 60,000 after a few remaining counties input their data. Adams was one of the tens of thousands of voters to vote Tuesday, casting his ballot at Louisville Marriott East in Jefferson County. (Courier-Journal)

Plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor grew from the militia movement’s toxic mix of constitutional falsehoods and half-truths

The militia movement has long been steeped in a peculiar – and unquestionably mistaken – interpretation of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and civil liberties. They are devoted to a toxic mix of constitutional falsehoods and half-truths. (Forward Kentucky)

Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron given 24/7 armed security after alleged death threats

Attorney General Daniel Cameron will have 24/7 armed security at his disposal for the rest of the year after threats were made against his life, according to government documents.

“Our office has received detailed threats against the Attorney General, his wife, and members of his family,” Cameron’s office said in a statement. “The Attorney General’s protective detail determined that given the credibility of such threats, additional personnel and resources were needed to provide the appropriate level of security.” (Herald-Leader)

Several KY counties violating ethics laws, auditor says

State Auditor Mike Harmon issued a data bulletin on Wednesday in which he says several Kentucky counties are in violation of ethics laws passed by the General Assembly more than 25 years ago. The report, included in the story, breaks out violations by county. (Forward Kentucky)

Ditch Mitch Quilt Drawing Update

Money raised so far: $1,070
Number of donors: 60
Days left to enter: 4

Enter here!

Remember, YOU can be the lucky winner of the Ditch Mitch Quilt! Read more about the quilt here, and donate here.

Upcoming Events from the ForwardKY Calendar

We post about upcoming events by campaigns and organizations if we know about them in time. Post your events here. View the full calendar here.

  • Today (10/15) – Planned Parenthood Phone Bank(info)
  • Today (10/15) – McGrath Drive-In Rally in La Grange (info)

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[new] Kentucky grassroots groups work together to build a healthy Democracy – Uderstanding that we can reach new heights when we work together, grassroots leaders and organizations across the Commonwealth have formed the Commonwealth Alliance Voter Engagement (CAVE). (Press Release)

[new] Court packing, McConnell style – Everyone’s asking Joe Biden and Kamala Harris whether they are going to “pack the courts.” Apparently, everyone has forgotten — or is ignoring — the court packing that’s been going on for years under McConnell and the Repubs. (Cartoon)

[new] Find your polling location – You need to know your polling location if you plan on voting in-person, either early or on November 3rd. It may be different if your county is using the “voting center” approach. Learn more here. (News)

🔥 Dark money forces have spent $250 million to control our courts. Watch this to learn how and why. – Instead of spending his time today asking Barrett questions, Senator Whitehouse instead shone a light on the power in the shadows – the right-wing dark money behind the Republican takeover of the courts. (News)

🔥 Whatever happened to the RECLAIM Act?  (Hint: Mitch McConnell killed it.) – Cong. Rogers introduced this bill to convert $1 billion of the Abandoned Mine Lands fund into economic development grants for Appalachia. It passed the House in July. And McConnell killed it. (Commentary)

🔥 McGrath brings the heat, out-duels McConnell – If you ever pitched a baseball game, you know the feeling when you’ve got your stuff. You’re 10-feet-tall and unhittable. Amy McGrath looked like Sandy Koufax in tonight’s TV debate against Mitch McConnell. She had her stuff. (Commentary)

🔥 McGrath can serve us on the world stage – Senator McConnell has forfeited his right to serve Kentucky, and our country. By contrast, retired Lieutenant Colonel Amy McGrath clearly understands the world and the issues facing our country in the 21st century. (Commentary)

Do you know what’s on the ballot this fall? – Have you taken a look at your ballot yet? In addition to all the candidates, you will be voting on a number of items that may not be obvious. Jen Sorensen lists them out for us. (Cartoon)

🔥 McGrath campaign sends letter to WKYT requesting McConnell get COVID test – Amy McGrath’s campaign sent a letter to WKYT requesting that everyone present for the Oct. 12 debate be tested for COVID-19 and provide the results to the station in advance of the debate. (Press Release)

🔥 10/10 Trump rally in Frankfort – a photo gallery – There was a pro-Trump rally in Frankfort on Saturday, October 10, and Nick Lacy was there to snap some pix for us, as well as include some commentary along the way. (Photo Gallery)

🔥 Forget McCarthyism — now there’s McConnellism – Kentucky’s senior senator has been our version of Joe McCarthy since he unseated Dee Huddleston in 1984. Now he’s lying about Marine jet pilot Amy McGrath, his current Democratic opponent. (Commentary)

🔥 They’re not “militias.” Call them what they are: “domestic terrorists” – The 2nd Amendment gives everyone the right to own a gun. It does not give anyone the right to form groups to overthrow the government, kidnap elected officials, intimidate lawmakers, or commit violence and terrorism. (Commentary)

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