What Can We Do in Just 19 Days? A Lot!

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We can do a lot in 19 days!

Wave Michigan is launching its simplest and easiest tool yet, Reach Out! No training is required to use Reach Out and you don’t even need to sign up. For the next 19 days, we will be contacting voters to help them vote early and especially those who have absentee ballots!

Reach Out provides a very easy to use texting platform with a built in cell phone that allows volunteers to contact voters quickly and directly about a range of voting issues. You choose, which campaigns to support!
If you’re sitting to watch a debate (or a town hall replacement) and have a free finger you can do this! Text to win!

Reach Out here to get started. https://wave-michigan.com/DetroitVote.aspx

It’s so easy to make a difference in just minutes!

Election Medics puts you in touch with voters whose ballots may be rejected for mismatched signatures or other reasons plus voters whose absentee ballots were late in the August Primary or arrived just in time on the day of the election.

Click Here to get started!

McCormack & Welch for Supreme Court!

Help voters remember the names of two of the most important choices on the Michigan ballot! Our safety has been compromised by the current conservative court who refuse to support Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s efforts to stave off the pandemic. These are the two Michigan Supreme Court candidates endorsed by Michigan Democratic Party. Let’s help them win!

Click Here to get started!

Detroit Votes!

Help make sure Detroit voters are heard this election. Detroit is the largest city in the state and suffers from low turnout. You’ll be helping people to vote from home for the first time and especially following up with voters who have an absentee ballot waiting on their kitchen table.

Click Here to get started!

Vote Gretchen Driskell for Congress!

Running in a very close race, Gretchen Driskell (Democrat) is running to defeat Tim Wallberg for Congressional District 7. This is a race the dems can win and get rid of a Trump-like congressman in our own back yard. Candidate Driskell is an experienced leader with a plan. This campaign is about getting more than 60,000 democrat absentee voters in District 7 over the finish line! Go Gretchen!

Click Here to get started!

Wave volunteers are making a difference!  280,000 voters were contacted in the primary and we’re on track to contact over 1 million for the November election!

We need your help! Please consider donating to Wave and our efforts to win in 2020. A $10 donation pays for text messages to go to 1,428 voters.

Donate to Wave

Ballot PowerChosen by ACLU’s michiganvoting.com!

Ballotpower.org, the easiest way to vote in Michigan.Vote from homeVote early, in personFind your drop boxTrack your ballotBallot Power and Michiganvoting.org partner to offer the easiest ways to vote safely and to know your vote is counted.

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