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IC-SS Weekly Update: October 12, 2020

Protect the Results – Nov 4 Action & More

What if Trump loses and refuses to concede? WE ACT.

In Chicago, the Indivisible Chicago Alliance is calling people to gather at Daley Plaza the day after the election – November 4th, 5:00 pmRead more and sign up here for the Chicago action.

Chicago’s planned action is part of a comprehensive nationwide effort to Protect the Results on November 4th and beyond.


  • Sign up for the Nov 4 Chicago action at Daley Plaza
  • Attend our Indivisible Chicago-South Side’s Zoom, Wed. Oct 14th, 7:30-9:00 pm. In addition discussing to other topics, we’ll get an overview of Protect the Results from Co-Leader Teri Watkins. RSVP for our group Zoom

Phone/Text Voters or Poll Watch

THREE WEEKS TO GO. Make a difference by phoning or texting voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the 14th Congressional district in Illinois. The citywide Indivisible Chicago Alliance provides opportunities to act throughout the week – safely from home.

Speak Spanish fluently? Indivisible Chicago needs Spanish-language phone-bankers and texters. We’ll connect you – just let us know.

Willing to do work on the ground? You can poll watch in Michigan and Wisconsin. We’ll connect you – email us.

Quick links to find Indivisible Chicago actions & sign up:

Indivisible Chicago provides training and support for both novice and experienced callers and texters.

Show Up for Marie Newman

Help progressive Democrat Marie Newman win the seat in Congress for IL’s 3rd district.

Show up for Marie. Go to the Marie Newman for Congress website to support Marie’s campaign and sign up to volunteer to phonebank, do lit drops, or help in other ways. Or sign up directly here!

Marie Newman will fight for healthcare for all, lower prescription drug costs, paid leave, universal childcare, a jobs engine, protection and advancement of everybody’s rights, investment in infrastructure, and a green economy looking to the future. We need her in Congress.

Marie Newman speaks to volunteers before they go on a safe lit-drop in Garfield Ridge, IL-03

Sign Up for Our Oct 14 Zoom

At our 10/8 Zoom: Esther Peters, Betsy Rubin, Steve Kagan, Michael Aaron, Sophia Watson, Kineret Jaffe, Mary Naftzger, Lisa Rademacher, and our special guest Nick Uniejewski, Senior Regional Organizer with national Indivisible

Sign up to attend this week’s Zoom gathering, Wednesday, October 14th, 7:30-9:00 pmRSVP here. We will:

  • Give an overview of the nationwide Protect the Results effort, including the planned Nov 4 Chicago action (see info at top of newsletter)
  • Work on our Vote Forward letters (for those who are participating – not required!)
  • Talk about our voting experiences & answer voting questions
  • Invite everyone to share info about resources & opportunities to act

Kudos to the IC-South Side members who turned out to write letters and share activism stories on Zoom on October 8th. Thanks to Nick Uniejewski of Indivisible (national) for being our special guest.

We learned Kineret and Mary have been textbanking and love it. Betsy has been phonebanking and doing lit drops with Michael for the Marie Newman campaign. Lisa has been working 12-hour days as a teacher but still makes time to write Vote Forward letters to voters, inspired by our champion Voter Forwarder Steve.

Sophia has been speedily working with Esther and others on postcarding – and Esther reports that she’s collected more than 21,000 completed postcards from dozens of South Siders/South Suburbanites. Hats off to all the postcarders, letter writers, textbankers, and phonebankers out there!

Quick Message: Community Control of Police

The Indivisible Chicago Alliance and Indivisible Chicago-South Side support CPAC (Civilian Police Accountability Council) for elected, civilian control of police. We’ve learned the Chicago City Council may soon be considering a different ordinance regarding community control of police, yet to be proposed by Mayor Lightfoot. Rather than support CPAC, the Mayor has signaled she doesn’t want full community control of CPD.

The CPAC ordinance is sponsored by Ald. Jeanette Taylor (20th Ward), Ald. Leslie Hairston (5th), and seventeen other alderpeople. However, even though Sophia King is chair of the Progressive Caucus, Ald. King (4th) has yet to support CPAC. The CPAC ordinance is currently sitting in the City Council’s Public Safety Committee, set to meet October 20th.

Let the Public Safety Committee and YOUR alderperson know that you expect them to pass the CPAC ordinanceFill out this form to register your demand.

Vote Forward: Sign Up & Mail Letters Oct 17

Steve Kagan with a few of the 1400+ Vote Forward letters he’s written. He’s got trays ready to mail Oct 17!

Writing paper letters to voters via Vote Forward? Mail your letters on Saturday, October 17th. And, yes, you can still squeak in on the project this week. Sign up right now with Vote Forward.

Big thanks to Steve Kagan for advising us on this project.

Find the Fair Tax on Your Ballot

You’re itching to cast that vote for president. And all the other offices – not to mention judges. We’re with you. But in our rush to vote on the big-ticket races on our ballot, it’s easy to overlook a vital question for ourselves and our entire state: the Fair Tax amendment. Make sure you find it, and vote YES.

On Chicago mail-in ballots, the Fair Tax question is FIRST on the ballot. It’s on the left, in a light-blue column before the Biden-Trump question. (See the graphic below.)

The words “fair tax” don’t actually appear – instead, look for the heading Proposed Amendment to the 1970 Illinois Constitution. And see Ballotpedia for the actual wording of the Fair Tax question on your ballot.

Find the Fair Tax question on your ballot – Graphic by the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Indivisible Chicago-South Side is a strong supporter of the Fair Tax because it would allow for a graduated Illinois income tax, with the wealthy paying a higher rate than the rest of us. Fair Tax reform would raise more than $3 billion a year that would help fund state and local government, schools and human services, and responsibly pay the state’s bills. So we urge you to vote YES.

Get more info on Fair Tax at Vote Yes for Fair TaxVote Yes for Fairness, and the October 5 IC-SS newsletter.

Voting for Judges

SHARE THIS INFO WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Want info on the judges who appear on your ballot? provides recommendations from 13 different bar groups.

In addition, Injustice Watch is releasing its final judge recommendations on October 6. Check here for the Injustice Watch judicial recommendations; see also this posting by Injustice Watch.

Voting Resources

SHARE THIS INFO WITH YOUR FRIENDS. The Chicago Board of Elections (for city voters) and Cook County Clerk (for suburban) are encouraging people to vote by mail or vote early. In Chicago and in suburban Cook County, you can directly drop off your mail-in ballot in a Secured Drop Box. INFO:

More questions? See Indivisible IL’s Virus Free Voting Illinois webpage.

DID YOU KNOW… From Oct 14-Nov 3, Ray School is an Early Voting site, AND it will have a Secured Drop Box for your mail-in ballot? See info from Chicago Board of Elections.

Indivisible Chicago-South Side
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