Unprecedented! 2020 Coconino County Election Update

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There are three points I’d like to talk with you about today:

1.  For the first time since the last round of redistricting, we have a real chance of sending two Democrats to the Legislature from our legislative district. We came so very close with one of them last time; I am very sure we will send Felicia French to the Arizona Senate this time. Coral Evans is a proven winner in Flagstaff and is making a strong bid throughout the district in her run for the House. What’s unprecedented?

Your county party is going to unprecedented lengths to expose the rot at the core of the Republican candidates, explaining to voters why these candidates are wrong for the District. Working with other county parties and clubs throughout the district (which includes parts of GIla, Navajo, and Yavapai as well as Coconino), we have recruited and trained more volunteers than ever to deliver our candidates’ messages and get out the vote, but Coconino is also spending money to go on the attack. Watch online and in print for ads coming soon.

2.  Three of our five County Supervisor Candidates have contested races. Your county party just distributed over 6000 door hangers to promote our Democratic candidates in these races and in LD-6 and to encourage voter registration. Most of you probably did not see this piece of literature because we carefully targeted homes that were most likely to have unregistered and low turnout voters. Our Williams contingent reports that these have been well-received in Williams. In addition, our PCs and volunteers have placed signs throughout District 3 (Matt Ryan) and District 4 (Judy Begay) and we are spending money to directly support those campaigns. (Patrice Horstman, a strong candidate in her own right, declined our monetary support beyond inclusion in the door hanger.) This is an example of an ad we are running to oppose the Republican candidate in Supervisor District 4:

3. In the face of a pandemic, we’ve come up with new ways to reach voters, keeping the pledge of the national and statewide campaigns to do no “superspreader” events or door-to-door canvassing. We’ve showcased our candidates on Zoom and Facebook, we’re holding our 3d sign-pickup event on Saturday, and today we mailed over 35,000 Sample Ballots.

We have been able to do all of this in spite of having to cancel our major fundraising event of the year thanks to the generosity of so many of you. Now, I’m asking you to please consider making another donation to help us power through to the finish line. Help us keep our advertising online and in the papers (not just in Flagstaff or even just in Coconino County, but throughout LD-6).

Let’s make this truly an historic election — let’s save the country by turning Arizona Blue, flip LD-6, and keep our County Supervisor seats occupied by thoughtful public servants. 

Watch the Debate Tonight!

First Vice Chair Allan Gerston is hosting a Zoom-based Watch Party for the First Presidental Debate tonight. Join him and other Coconino Democrats!

Follow @KamalaHarris and @Truth — the new Biden campaign fact-checking handle on Twitter throughout the debate. We’ll also be tweeting from @CoconinoDems.

Signs & Stuff

This Saturday will be our third sign pickup event on the porch at the Ice House, taking all COVID-related precautions. We do have a supply of Biden/Harris and of Kelly signs as well as for our three Corporation Commission candidates and local candidates.  The Biden campaign has indicated they will soon open a materials distribution center in Flagstaff and we’ve been working with them to find paid staff for it. When that happens, signs will be more readily available.


6 Days Until Voter Registration Ends
8 Days Until Voting Begins
35 Days Until Voting Ends

Important info about voting in Coconino County here:  CoconinoDemocrats.org/Vote

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