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Five Things to Know Today

— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! Here is something to consider as we start the week:

I paid more income taxes in 2016 than President Trump. And I bet you did too.

President Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes in 2016, and again in 2017. How do I know? Because the New York Times has a bombshell story where they obtained Trump’s tax returns for the last twenty years, and spent months analyzing them. (It’s the first item in the Five Things section.)

Everyone is going to first focus on the $750, because that is easy to grasp. But the biggest revelations in the story are not those ridiculously low payments. No, these are the main points we should remember:

  • His family’s companies have made substantial sums off of payments from the government he leads.
  • He possibly faces state-level charges of tax fraud, bank fraud, and other crimes, which a presidential pardon cannot prevent.
  • He owes over $400 million in outstanding loans (to whom?), most of which come due in the next two years. Based on the business income shown in the returns, he has no way to pay those debts.

Desperate people do desperate things. Donald Trump appears to be more and more desperate to win this election, and these returns show some of the reasons why he is so desperate.

As for us, we do not need to be desperate; we need to adhere to another D word: determined. Determined to vote, to get others to vote, and to do all we can to protect our democracy.

As Rachel Maddow says, buckle up – it’s going to be a wild ride. But together, we can get through it.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

Long-concealed records show Trump’s chronic losses and years of tax avoidance

The Times obtained Donald Trump’s tax information extending over more than two decades, revealing struggling properties, vast write-offs, an audit battle and hundreds of millions in debt coming due. (New York Times)

9/25-27 weekend updates — Almost certainly a record number of cases

“Today’s COVID report is far too many cases, and unfortunately far too many people who we’ve lost,” said Beshear. “This virus has come for us. We have to fight back.” (Forward Kentucky)

Ballistics don’t support AG Cameron’s claim Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend shot officer

A Kentucky State Police ballistics report does not support state Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s assertion that Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, shot a Louisville police officer the night she was killed. 

Cameron said officer Brett Hankison had been eliminated as the shooter that wounded the other officer because the three officers were all carrying .40 caliber handguns, while Walker had a 9. 

But appearing later that night on CNN, Steve Romines, one of Walker’s attorneys, said he had obtained a LMPD record showing Hankison had been issued a 9-mm weapon as well. (Courier-Journal)

Open records authority weighs in: Can Cameron release the Taylor investigative files?

Attorney General Daniel Cameron says that he cannot release any of the Breonna Taylor investigative files because of “ongoing investigations.” Amye Bensenhaver discusses that claim, using precedents from earlier cases. (Forward Kentucky)

League of Women Voters starts new chapter in northern Kentucky

Did you know there is a new northern Kentucky chapter of the League of Women Voters? Christina Conover interviewed the founders, Becky Smith Jones and Jane Page-Steiner, about their plans and goals. (Forward Kentucky)

Upcoming Events from the ForwardKY Calendar

We post about upcoming events by campaigns and organizations if we know about them in time. Post your events here. View the full calendar here.

  • Today (9/28) – Shelbyville Meet-and-Greet with Amy McGrath(Info– If you are in or near Shelbyville today, drop by this event at noon at Clear Creek Park to talk with Senate candidate Amy McGrath.
  • Tuesday (9/29) – Forum for House District 33 Candidates (Nemes/Plattner) (Info)
  • Tuesday (9/29) – Planned Parenthood Texting Tuesdays (info)
  • Tuesday (9/29) – Virtual Reception w/ Gov. Beshear, James Taylor, & Yo-Yo Ma (Info)
  • Wednesday (9/30) – Demand Safe Schools Rally and Caravan (Info)
  • Saturday (10/3) – KFTC Fall Gathering, Session 3 (info)

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Maskless in Kentucky — ‘Save Who You Can’ – “There’s only so much you can say. The fact that we have to … literally beg people to wear a mask, to save their own dumb ass from getting sick – I’m sorry, to me it is beyond the imagination.” (Commentary)

The Breonna Taylor grand jury decision home page – This post is the home page for the Forward Kentucky coverage of the Breonna Taylor decision. (News)

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