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Hi everyone.

It’s Sunday, and as each day goes by, it becomes increasingly obviously that our fascist-in-chief’s got nothing. Post here:

After 4 years in office – what has he ginned up on the fly to cover his sloth and incompetence? A $200 discount card for seniors to buy drugs. An imaginary “Platinum” plan for black people that promises to build up “peaceful” urban neighborhoods with the “highest standards” of policing (not suburbs – he’s already promised those to white housewives…) He’s also taking credit for Sen. Harris’s anti-lynching legislation and rebranding Obamacare, stealing Black people’s accomplishments right out in the open on national TV.

HE’S NOTHING BUT HAIR GEL AND LIES, surrounded by toadies who will say anything not to be fired.

We have real fighters on our side, and a history of anti-fascism that our families paid for in blood. “E-Day” is coming closer and we need to get out, a least figuratively, and start contacting voters to be involved in some homegrown housecleaning.

Phonebanking (there are several opportunities to do this TODAY!)

Textbanking! Letter Writing! Postcards! along with other great things to do!:

Today, and pretty much every day until the election, there are phonebanking and text banking opportunities, including some for Spanish speakers.
We also included videos on phonebanking, even one targeting us introverts.

At 3:00, there’s a BLM Art Protest in the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Park, where there’ll be live performances, food, and voting information.

At 6:00 pm, there’s a candlelight vigil in honor of Breonna Taylor at the Central Park in Riverpark, Oxnard, next to the fountain/gazebo. If you haven’t started to read the (48) planks of their campaign, well – here they are. Make this part of your weekend resistance work. You can start wherever you want but don’t miss these: Build Back Better: Racial Equity Across the American Economy. Build Back Better: Jobs and Economic Recovery for Working Families. Build Back Better: Sustainable Infrastructure and a Clean Energy Future Lift Every Voice” The Biden Plan for Black America The Biden Plan for Environmental Justice Are all his planks perfect? No. But that’s where our job starts again after the election, when we landslide our current dictator out of office.

In the meantime, there’s a ton of work to do for Breonna. Much you can do by email over the weekend as well. We’ve added statements by Black Lives Matter, NAACP and the Movement for Black Lives.

Ready to write? Like Amy Klobuchar, do you have some GOP senators that particularly annoy you? Send them postcards! Sample scripts and mailing addresses included. Senators who’ve gone back on their word about replacing justices in an election year: Senators who are pretending Trump didn’t really mean he wouldn’t peacefully give up his office:

Join our postcard campaign – Heading towards 20,000! We’ve finished 6000 Get-Out-The-Vote cards to Michigan, 4500 to Florida, and 5000 to Georgia. Now we’re helping the “Postcards to Swing States” get out 5000 cards more cards to Florida, Iowa and North Carolina. Wanna help? Email “I WANT POSTCARDS” in the subject line and send your name and mailing address to

(Just a reminder: Due to the pandemic’s effects in Oxnard, our free Last-Sunday-of-the-Month citizenship fair, which would normally be happening today, is still grounded until the Oxnard Marketplace reopens. Latest update from the marketplace staff is that we may be back in November.)


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