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Five Things to Know Today

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Good morning! Have you heard of people having “good problems”? As in, “that’s a good problem to have.”

Well, I have a good problem.

Over this year, Forward Kentucky has picked up a number of new contributors, to add to our already excellent team. Some do commentary, some do photo galleries, and some do news or policy.

As a result, there are times when I want to point out some article you should read – but there are too many, and I don’t want to leave one out!

Take today, for example:

  • A photo gallery by Berry Craig on the Paducah caravan
  • A commentary by Marshall Ward on RBG as Zen master
  • A photo gallery by Del Ramey of the protest at Cameron’s office
  • A commentary by Kimberly Kennedy on what has died on Mitch’s desk
  • A commentary by Berry Craig on “one of the most nauseating acts of political hypocrisy in decades”
  • A cartoon by Aaron Smith on Mitch’s voicemail message
  • A commentary by Ivonne Rovira on God vs Trump
  • A photo gallery by Nick Lacy of the RBG vigil in Lexington

They are all worth your time, and all pieces that I am glad and proud to be able to share with you.

But like a parent with many children, I don’t want to highlight just one, because they are all special.

So here’s how you can help – be sure to check the “Recent Content” box in each Forward Five. It’s like the refrigerator door in your house, where we can put up all the work and let you decide what to click on.

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Today’s Five Things to Know

9/21 update – 2nd highest weekly case number, but positivity rate remains under 4 percent

Also – discussion of school opening guidance and state’s case incident map; pets in long-term care facilities; and Kentucky’s strong testing numbers. (Forward Kentucky)

McConnell gets caravanned in Paducah

The caravanning of Senator Mitch McConnell came to Paducah on Monday, with about 30 cars festooned with signs and filled with activists driving around his local office. The protest was part of the Moral Monday action at all of McConnell’s offices. Berry Craig has the pix. (Forward Kentucky)

Related: Demonstrators caravan around McConnell offices, demanding stimulus relief

Caravans of protesters drove Monday to the Washington home and Kentucky offices of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The protesters, who were affiliated with the Poor People’s Campaign, say the Kentucky senator is blocking legislation that could help Americans through the coronavirus crisis. Protests were held in McConnell’s offices in London, Lexington, Fort Wright, Louisville, Bowling Green and Paducah, and at his home in Washington, D.C. (Ohio Valley Resource)

Preparation for possible release of Breonna Taylor decision today

Police cancel vacations; prepare for Breonna Taylor decision
Louisville, Kentucky, police said Monday that they had canceled vacations and were setting up barricades in preparation for the state attorney general’s announcement about whether he will charge officers in Breonna Taylor’s shooting death.

A statement from the department said all requests for vacation and days off were being canceled “until further notice” as the city awaits Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s announcement. “It is important to note that (Cameron) has said there is no timetable for the announcement,” the statement added. (Herald Leader)

Access to downtown Louisville restricted in anticipation of announcement in Breonna Taylor case
Access to downtown Louisville is being restricted by the Louisville Metro Police Department in anticipation of a decision concerning the Breonna Taylor case. A post on LMPD’s Facebook page made around 3:35 a.m. Tuesday states that although it is unclear when Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron may make an announcement in the case, the department is taking the following actions:

  • LMPD will place vehicle barricades around Jefferson Square Park and the perimeter of the downtown area to ensure pedestrian safety.
  • LMPD will further restrict vehicle access in the blocks immediately surrounding Jefferson Square Park, allowing only pedestrian access. Barriers will be placed at all intersections.
  • LMPD will restricting vehicle traffic in the downtown area between Market Street south to Broadway, and from 2nd Street to Roy Wilkins. Police will work with people who live, work and have business in this area to allow necessary access.
  • LMPD will be limiting surface parking on the streets from Market Street to Broadway and 2nd Street to Roy Wilkins. LMPD requests that anyone who has vehicles parked in this area take steps to immediately remove them.
  • LMPD will be limiting access to parking garages in the area.

Andy Barr says he’ll ‘always protect people with preexisting conditions.’ He hasn’t.

Running for a fifth term, Republican U.S. Rep. Andy Barr of Lexington says in a television ad that “I will always protect people with preexisting conditions.” That’s a lie, counters his Democratic challenger, Lexington lawyer Josh Hicks, in a response ad that began airing Friday.

Hicks says Barr repeatedly voted to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the 2010 law that — among other things — guarantees equal access to health insurance at approximately the same cost for people with preexisting conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. (Herald-Leader)

Family of BBQ cook shot by National Guard files suit

The family of a Louisville barbecue cook who was shot to death by a National Guard member is suing city police officers and guard members. The shooting of David McAtee happened in early June during tense Louisville protests against police violence. The suit filed Monday alleges law enforcement officials used excessive force to break up a crowd near McAtee’s eatery in early June. State officials say McAtee was killed by a National Guard member after McAtee fired his gun. The suit filed by McAtee’s mother and niece alleges McAtee was unaware that officers were firing pepper balls into his restaurant. (West Kentucky Star)

Upcoming Events from the ForwardKY Calendar

We post about upcoming events by campaigns and organizations if we know about them in time. Post your events here. View the full calendar here.

  • Today (9/22) – Planned Parenthood Texting Tuesdays (Info)
  • Thursday (9/24) – Planned Parenthood Phone Banking (Info)
  • Saturday (9/26) – KFTC Fall Gathering, Session 2 (Info)

Recent Content on Forward Kentucky

[new] indicates item not in a Forward Five before

[new] What died on Mitch’s desk? – We elect leaders and trust that we can relax while they do their job, fighting for our interests. When we weren’t looking, McConnell abused our trust. And for that, he must go. (Commentary)

[new] Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Zen master – The “B”  in RBG could easily stand for “Bodhisattva” – a person who delays self-happiness out of compassion to save sufferings of others. (Commentary)

[new] McGrath announces “Educators Advisory Council” and new endorsements – Amy McGrath met with her Educators Advisory Council to discuss supporting teachers in the age of COVID, protecting teachers’ pensions, and preventing the privatization of our public schools. (News)

[new] Protest and march at AG’s office in Louisville – Protesters gathered at the Louisville office of Attorney General Daniel Cameron on Friday, September 18, to demand justice for Breonna Taylor. Del Ramey was there and captured these images. (Photo Gallery)

[new] ‘One of the most nauseating acts of political hypocrisy in decades’ – “McConnell’s bottom line is simply to stay in office and enrich himself and the billionaires who support him. I don’t think he believes in anything.” (Commentary)

[new] Mitch’s voicemail message – Healthcare – If you call Senator McConnell’s office about healthcare, what voicemail message do you get? Aaron Smith is pretty sure he knows how it would go. (Cartoon)

[new] Beshear’s family receive flu vaccinations, urge Kentuckians to do same – Gov. Andy Beshear and state public health officials have recently been urging Kentuckians to be vaccinated for the flu this fall. Now he has put his money where his mouth is. (News)

Who cleans up environmental mess bankrupt coal companies leave behind? – As more coal companies file for bankruptcy, it remains unclear what will happen to hundreds of thousands of acres of unreclaimed mine land in eastern Kentucky and the rest of Appalachia. (News)

Biden and McGrath: Union Yes! Trump and McConnell: ‘Union, no.’ – What’s the word you don’t hear when President Donald Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell talk jobs? UNION. (Commentary)

It’s propaganda, not hypocrisy: Republicans use lying as their primary governing technique – Hypocrisy implies there’s a previous ideology being upset; there wasn’t one, and isn’t one, and no serious politics-watcher ever thought otherwise. (Commentary)

RBG vigil in Lexington – A group gathered in Lexington on Saturday night to hold a candlelight vigil in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. No agenda, no speakers – just bring yourself. Nick Lacy was there and captured these images. (Photo Gallery)

God vs Trump – In hindsight, it seems so obvious: How could so many Christians have missed God’s message? (Commentary)

Indivisible Danville does “Burma Mitch” roadside rally – The intrepid members of Indivisible Danville were out Friday for “rush” hour for some anti-Mitch shenanigans, doing a set of “Burma Mitch” signs by the highway. Nick Lacy captured the moment. (Media)

McGrath vs McConnell — who’s spent the most on Facebook? – A recent report revealed the amounts both Amy McGrath and Mitch McConnell have spent on advertising on Facebook, and the results may surprise you. (News Analysis)

The new executive director of EmergeKY, Gretchen Hunt – Gretchen Hunt has had a distinguished career in public service. Now she takes the reins of the premier political training for women. What are her goals? What does she see for 2020 and beyond? Find out on this episode! (Video)

Courtney Preston Kellner and Carmen Jones on protesting and the legal system – Also – the Governor’s plan for school districts as they start to open, and the settlement reached between Breonna Taylor’s family and the city of Louisville. (Podcast)

Ky. Supreme Court considers Beshear’s COVID orders – The Kentucky Supreme Court heard oral arguments Thursday on whether Gov. Andy Beshear exceeded his Constitutional authority on executive orders related to the coronavirus pandemic. (News)

House Democratic Caucus members unveil Kentucky Voters’ Bill of Rights – The legislation would expand early voting, extend voting registration, automatically restore voting rights for most felons, and make voters more involved in the redistricting process after each Census. (News)

Defending the 2020 election against hacking: 5 questions answered – Douglas Jones, coauthor of the book “Broken Ballots: Will Your Vote Count?,” describes the vulnerabilities of the U.S. election system in light of the information in the Woodward book. (News)

Fact Check: Trump tweets doctored video of Biden – President Trump tweeted an edited video, doctored to make it appear that Vice President Joe Biden played a different song at a campaign event than he actually played in the unedited video. (Fact Check)

Momentum for basic income builds as pandemic drags on – Amid the pandemic and a global recession, both basic income and a basket of related policies have gained unprecedented momentum, surfacing everywhere from Capitol Hill to the city of Hudson, New York. (Policy)

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