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Today is going to be a tough day for a lot of people. If you can, will you join me in honoring RBG’s legacy by signing up to volunteer this weekend?

America lost a giant last night.

Like many of you, I was devastated to hear about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing. She was an inspiration to so many, breaking barrier after barrier as a woman in a male-dominated field. She was a fierce advocate for equality and has shaped our nation for generations to come.

But to so many Americans, her seat on the Supreme Court meant more than that. Her vote meant the difference between having access to health care or not, having reproductive freedoms or not, protecting the rights of Dreamers or not.

Justice Ginsburg’s dying wish was that she wouldn’t be replaced until a new president is installed. And without missing a beat, Mitch McConnell announced last night that he plans to move ahead with nominating a replacement before the year ends — giving Republicans a 6-3 majority on the court.

It’s understandable to feel hopeless in times like these. But that’s exactly what Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump want. They want us to feel like we can’t do anything. They want us to feel like there’s no point in even trying.

But there is, folks. The stakes were always high, but my, have they grown exponentially higher in the last 24 hours.

Take a few moments to mourn today. Then sign up for a shift for our Weekend of Action to make calls, send texts, whatever you can to elect Joe Biden and end the nightmare of the Trump presidency.

Let’s go win this for her — it’s the least we can do.


Liz Shirey
Director of Party Affairs
Ohio Democratic Party

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