Early Vote Monitoring Training and Updated Lit Drops/Canvassing Opportunities

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Early Vote Monitoring Training on Friday 9/18

VOTE-EARLY MONITORS NEEDED ACROSS PA – For the first time, all of PA’s voters will soon have the option to vote early in person! Voters will be able to vote at their county elections office by requesting, completing, and submitting a mail-in ballot all at the same time. We need your help to ensure PA’s first round of voting early in person runs as smoothly as possible. As a Vote-Early Monitor, you’ll be the campaign’s eyes and ears on the ground: observing how the process runs, educating voters, and reporting to the Voter Protection Team in real time. Trainings are scheduled for Friday, September 18 and Sunday, October 4th. The anticipated start date of the monitoring program is September 21st.  Sign up, get trained and find more info here.

If you have any questions, please email: PAVoterProtection@2020victory.com.

TPAB Lit Drops/Canvassing Opportunities – UPDATED

Hello Super Volunteers! We’re happy to report that some campaigns have started to do literature drops and some limited canvassing in a safe and socially distant way. You can find some opportunities to hit the pavement in flippable districts below. The campaign will provide you with all the information you need. Senate races are indicated by a * below.

You can find the geographic location of each district if you click on the hyperlink for each candidates’ name. If you are interested in working in another geographic area other than those listed or have any questions, please contact jamie@turnpablue.org

 If you are traveling from NYC, you can contact Scott Fisher, our amazing field partner at Red2Blue, who can connect you with some great opportunities that work for you and can also assist with travel arrangements. You can reach him at scottkevin.fischer@yahoo.com

We will keep you posted with updates as we get more info from the campaigns. Thanks for doing your part to Turn PA Blue and stay safe out there! 






Jamie Perrapato
Executive Director
Turn PA Blue
Phone: 267-679-6393
E-mail: jamie@TurnPABlue.org 

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Turn PA Blue is committed to harnessing the power and energy of committed volunteers to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot in 2020. The grassroots energy enhanced by Turn PA Blue has the ability to drive turnout and energy upward to help Democrats running across the state at all levels. Our goal is also to integrate the inclusion of new voices into the Democratic Party on all levels, with particular emphasis on strengthening the local parties whose infrastructure is vital to the growth and efficacy of the Democratic Party will also serve to “build our bench” for future candidate recruitment.

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