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Hi everyone.

It’s Wednesday, and there are two important things to do today.

First, send an email comment to the Adelanto City Council against the proposed expansion of the GEO/ICE prison system by 4 pm. We’ve included a model letter, along with a bunch of information to use, if you want.

Then, call your senators and tell them to vote “NO” on the GOP’s “skinny” bill, which is the stripped-down version of their laughably named HEALS Act, which was a mean-spirited shadow of what our country needs, which is the HEROES Act.

The official name for the skinny bill is “Delivering Immediate Relief To America’s Families, Schools and Small Businesses Act. However, since their bill actually ignores “America’s families” we’re going to stop with the first four letters – the DIRT Act, as that’s how the GOP actually treats Americans injured in this pandemic by Trump’s corrupt abdication of leadership – like DIRT beneath their feet.

The GOP CAN be generous… They gave trillions to the wealthiest with their 2017 tax bill and they snuck another tax-break treat for them into the CARES Act, which will cost at least $135 billion. But there’s nothing in the DIRT act to help people pay off months of deferred rent, or even pay for food. There’s some money for businesses but not for the worker. There’s some money for schools, but not for the families. The original pandemic response, with stimulus payments to families, along with a rent moratorium and $600/wk unemployment payments, was responsible for many keeping above the poverty line. Now, under the “skinny” act, many may actually become DIRT poor.

America deserves better. Make sure you’re registered to vote…

Indivisible Ventura

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