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Biden & Harris

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The first joint appearance of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and their first speeches together as a team, made me aware of everything I have been missing in these 1,300 days since Trump’s inauguration.

The moment they walked out together I felt my breath catch in my throat. They radiated strength, resolve and leadership. I thought to myself, This is what our future can look like, if only we work hard enough to support them.

And then came the speeches … Joe Biden spoke confidently about our nation’s ability to deal with the problems of today, if only we had a leader with a capacity to rely on fact, create a plan and see it through.

Then Kamala Harris laid out the stakes of this election. And more than that, she showed exactly what she brings to this ticket, by putting her prosecutorial skills at the forefront and laying out the case against Donald Trump. 

What they made me realize I had missed most in these 1,300 days of Trump, was a feeling of compassion in leadership. I thought about the tragedies in Joe’s life, and how they have built his empathy for suffering in others.

When Joe Biden spoke of how he had met Kamala Harris through his son, Beau, it underlined that sense that this is a man who is open to learning, growing, and expanding his circle and perspective.
We need that in leaders.

And then, to hear Kamala Harris speak to Joe about how she is “grateful to become a part of your extended family,” I remembered that warmth and leadership do not have to be separate things. They are entwined in our best leaders.

I was always ready to vote for Joe Biden.

But after seeing their speeches and getting a taste of what the future CAN be, I am resolved.

I will volunteer to ensure they are our leaders come Inauguration Day 2021.


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