Why is the “News” so slanted?

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The repeal of the fairness Doctrine allowed media giants to snap up all of it’s competitors and to label “entertainment”  and “opinion” as “News” 

For decades, it was illegal to say something that was not true and call it news. To create an atmosphere of lies to slant discourse in a contrary manner. 

The rise of this type of media has allowed discontent to thrive in the USA and other countries. Construing opinions, conspiracy and out right lies and mixing them with the days news coverage has brought our country to the brink of disaster! 

You could even make a strong case for the spread of COVID-19, infection rates and death as a direct link to certain media outlets that denied science, reason and skill to protect certain political figures. 

We say “JOE BIDEN REINSTATE THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE!” And we want YOU to join us in that demand and Tweet that out today! For the sake of our democracy! 



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