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We're in the final stretch before the November 3rd election.
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We’re still keeping a full calendar of remote events. 
Check https://indivisibleyolo.org/calendar/ for the most up-to-date information on actions and events you can join!

As coronavirus cases top 5 million in the United States, as so many people are struggling, we still need to push for a real coronavirus relief bill: the HEROES act. At one of his country clubs over the weekend, Trump signed memorandums and executive actions that do nothing to actually help the people who have been hurt by his mismanagement of the pandemic. Instead, he seized the chance to let employers defer payment of their employees’ payroll taxes- a brazen attempt to defund Social Security and Medicare that does nothing for people affected by the pandemic. He signed an executive order that merely asked his cabinet to “consider” whether evictions should be halted; it allows evictions to go forward while his cabinet “considers”. And not only did he offer no solution to election safety during the pandemic, he’s actively trying suppress the vote by looking for ways to stop the Post Office from delivering mail-in ballots, discouraging mail-in voting, and trying to cast doubt on the election results in advance.

Trump’s memos are legally questionable, and harmful even if he’s able to ignore the law to get them implemented.  We’re asking our senators to push for the HEROES act to get real relief for everyone struggling during the pandemic, and to keep the protections for safer in-person voting, vote-by-mail, and post office funding.

It’s never been more clear that we are going to need to do the work to get out the vote. Even if the HEROES act passes with funding for election protection and the post office, this will only help part of the problem. The Trump administration is doing everything possible to make it difficult for people to vote. If we are going to get him out of office, we need to rally every voter to make this a landslide election against him.

If you’re looking for a way to get involved and make that happen, this is the time! We have remote events lined up, and if you’ve never participated before, please see below where we have a list of events and information sessions especially for people new to this type of work. You can also find example scripts asking our senators to support the HEROES act, plus a link for a special ACLU Virtual Lobby Day event.

Would you like company making calls to representatives or doing the action of the week? Join our Virtual Action Coffee Zoom meeting Monday mornings at 10 am: https://zoom.us/j/721847201. We’ll talk through Indivisible Yolo’s action of the week, call or email our representatives, talk politics, and stay connected to each other and the work in this challenging time.

Take care, and take action!

-The Indivisible Yolo Team

Posters with text: Your vote matters!

We’re in the final stretch before the November 3rd election- Indivisible Yolo has a full calendar of events for everyone who wants to take that next step and get out the vote for the most important election of our lives. 

Action: Tell our Senators to pass the HEROES Act without watering it down:

Sample Call Script for Sen. Harris and Feinstein:
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a constituent from [CITY/Zip Code]. I’m calling Senator Harris/Feinstein to urge her to ensure that the HEROES Act is considered and passed in the Senate without watering it down. The bill includes necessary protections to keep people on payrolls, provide financial relief, protect our public health, and defend democracy. Trump’s recent executive actions do nothing to provide real relief for people affected by the pandemic.

We need to keep the measures to expand voting by mail and to make in-person voting safer, as well as fund the Postal Service. We need to keep the moratorium on evictions and foreclosures, expand paid sick and family leave for all workers, and provide free testing and treatment for everyone, including immigrants, regardless of status.

Please support the Heroes Act, and don’t let Republicans include any of their harmful provisions, like a liability shield for employers. Thank you!

Action: Pick a phonebank and/or information session and attend (remotely)!

With the high achieving door-to-door canvassing campaigns of 2018’s Blue Wave rendered irrelevant by COVID-19, PHONEBANKING has become THE. MOST. EFFECTIVE. TOOL. WE. HAVE. for reaching voters and having those voter-to-voter conversations that get voters to the polls.

Sister District – CA-3 and Indivisible Yolo host 5 virtual, welcoming, supportive phonebanks a week and we need your help. Join us!

Your mission this week: attend a phonebanking and/or information session

If you’re a newcomer to this type of work or want a refresher, this is your invitation! The phonebanking sessions listed below provide training, and you are also very welcome to attend one of the dedicated information sessions.

Information sessions:
Wednesday, August 12, 3:30pm – 4:00pm
Sunday, August 16, 1:30pm – 2:00pm

Think you might want to volunteer? Join an information session! We will tell you a little about us and the work that we do, and you can ask questions and tell us about yourself.

To join a Zoom information session use this link: https://zoom.us/j/804500806

Phonebank sessions (training provided):

  • Tuesdays, 3-5pm: Phonebank with Tim
  • Wednesdays, 4-6pm: Phonebank with Scott & Steve (right after the information session)
  • Thursdays, 6:30-8pm: Phonebank with Katherine
  • Saturdays, 10am-12pm: Phonebank with Kelly & Rebekka
  • Sundays, 2-4pm: Phonebank with Betsy & Amy (right after the information session)

To join the Zoom phone bank sessions use this link: https://zoom.us/j/804500806

All you need is a laptop or device to join the Zoom meeting and a phone to call voters. Call campaigns vary each week. Campaign details and training provided on the Zoom call and updated weekly: linktr.ee/CT2020.

A calendar of up-to-date events, including these phonebanks and information sessions, is here: https://indivisibleyolo.org/calendar/

See you there!


Join the ACLU of California to lobby your lawmakers!
Chances to meet with your representatives can be rare. Joining a lobby day can be a great way to get them face to face, rather than talking to the staff at their offices or leaving a voice mail.

Kick Off Event: Monday, August 10, 5pm – 7pm
Join the ACLU of California to learn about the bills you will be lobbying on, how to lobby virtually and meet with team members.

Tuesday, August 11 and Wednesday, August 12
You will be invited to half-hour meetings on these days to meet with your legislator’s office to lobby on the bills.

Register here for the zoom link: https://action.aclu.org/webform/aclu-california-2020-virtual-lobby-day-registration

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