What is Essential in a Global Pandemic?

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The Mamas are on the case of the Republicans that planted a $600 per week poison pill in the CARES ACT. They want YOU to be pissed that people are unemployed and receiving unemployment benefits. They are trying to convince YOU that people are refusing to go to work because they “make too much money” staying at home.

People cannot help being unemployed. People were powerless to make the Republicans DO SOMETHING- have some kind of cohesive nationwide strategy to combat COVID-19. But the Republicans did NOTHING and now MILLIONS of people suffer. 

Not the tycoons, the billionaires, the millionaires, they got the bulk of the CARES ACT. it’s 90% of the country that is really hurting right now and the Republicans want you to be mad at the poor, hungry and unemployed, instead of the corporate welfare queens! 

Stand up and take a stand for the PEOPLE instead of the corporate goons! 

And do we REALLY need professional sports right now – really? Seriously Millionaires, we do not! Nor do we need to do this weird ass dance about school sports. KIDS ARE NOT SAFE PLAYING SPORTS right now – Lets do this in 2021. 

Geez – it is a HEY YOU KIDS – GET OFF OUR LAWN kind of day on the http://www.HeartlandMamas.com 

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