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Volume 2, Issue 19 – August 1, 2020


Election Countdown – Vote Yes on 2!

THIS Tuesday is Election Day – a critical opportunity to expand Medicaid, support our preferred primary candidates, and gain serious momentum to propel us forward to November. Wear your mask, keep a good distance, and sanitize your hands before and after.

Do not sit this election out. Polls are open on Tuesday from 6AM-7PM. Make a plan, know when you’re going to vote, and text three people reminders to do the same. 

Remember the lengths to which our Republicans leaders go to keep you at home – making the process annoying, confusing, or just throwing obstacles in your way. Do not let them win. Vote. And do your part to get your friends, neighbors, and family safely to the polls too. 

Look up your polling place up here. If you run into any trouble voting, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

MO-08, you’re next on the list!

Congressman Jason Smith sure has left a mark on Missouri’s 8th congressional district – he voted against the coronavirus relief bill, to repeal the ACA, and to keep rural women from accessing the healthcare they need. 

Kathy Ellis is a fighter who’s taking him on and knows first-hand how important and scarce health care services are for rural Missourians. 

You can double your impact by supporting a fantastic candidate like Kathy Ellis and MDP’s statewide field program at the same time! Chip in $10 and all donations through this link will be split 50/50 with Kathy and the Missouri Democratic Party.

National Convention Update

National Convention is almost here! This year’s events will take place virtually from August 17-20th, but the DNC is putting together a really cool slate of events, many of which are open to the public. The official Schedule of Events has just been released here

In addition, the MDP will be hosting several of our own events with delegates and supporters featuring some exciting and interesting guests! Stay tuned, we’ll be making announcements very quickly. 

Want to support great National Convention programming and give a leg up to Democrats? You can do so here. Thank you!

Save the Date!

The 2020 Annual Truman Dinner is going all-virtual this year! Please mark your calendars to join us on Saturday, Sept. 12th for a voter outreach activity, an intimate VIP Q&A, and for the main program featuring a slate of statewide candidates and a special keynote speaker. This event is a long-time Democratic tradition that we look forward to every year – don’t miss out! 

Excited?! So are we. We’ll be making announcements very soon.

Show Off Your Politics in Style

You can show you’re proud to be a Democrat and support our work at the same time! Check out our webstore

Bring a Voter to the Polls, Take  a Victory Home

Do a good deed before you vote on Tuesday – pitch in and get a new voter registered in time to vote in November. This is the perfect way to safely make a huge impact on this election on an individual level. $2 is all it takes to get a new, likely Democratic voter ready to go to the ballot box.

Online Training Resources Available Now!

“The Portal” is an online library of resources provided by the MDP where you’ll find training docs, guides, and best practices for candidates, county committee members, volunteers, and staff. Get trained up today and make an impact in your community! To access the Portal:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on Request Portal Access and fill in your info

Note: Please allow a couple of days to get approved as MDP staff vets all requests to make sure everyone accessing our materials is a Democrat in good standing.

Missouri Democratic Party + “It Starts Today” = A Brand New Legislature

Your support can go twice as far and reach all corners of the state with the Blue Missouri project, a partnership between the Missouri Democratic Party and It Starts Today. You can fund every Democratic nominee running for the Legislature and support a strong state party at the same time with a single monthly contribution. Our philosophy is to leave no Democrat behind – join us today!

Black Lives Matter Organizing Resources

The outrage over George Floyd’s death and those of countless other Black Americans who have been killed by police has not wavered. In order to make sweeping, lasting changes to our structures, the work to undo systemic racism must be a life-long commitment. We’ve compiled a list of resources to continue working toward racial justice. The items on this list are not the end of our to-do list, but they’re a good starting point. Please take a look and share with others.

Be Counted!

Filling out your census is the single most important thing you can do to ensure fair representation for your community for the next decade. It takes only TWO minutes online or over the phone at Remember, we lose or gain seats based on these numbers, so please check with your friends and family and share the link above!

MDP Data Resources & VAN Help

Have questions about VAN or any data and tech needs? Check out MDP’s Data Resources page or email Interested in improving the data, analytics, and technology infrastructure for Democrats in our state? Get more info and sign up here!

Submit an Event!

Are you a Democratic club, county committee, or allied group that’s hosting an event? Let us know so we can publicize it on our website. A sense of community is even more important these days as we’re staying home and not gathering together in person. Submit your event here!

Are You an Official Member?

If you’re not already a bonafide member of the Missouri Democratic Party, make it official today! Let’s show our strength in numbers to the GOP – become a member!


  • 8/4   –  Election Day! (Vote Yes on 2 to expand Medicaid!)
  • 8/16 – MDP Welcome Night event – stay tuned for details!
  • 8/17 – Democratic National Convention – Milwaukee, WI 
  • 9/12 – 3rd Quarter State Committee Meeting 
  • 9/12 – Truman Dinner 
  • 10/7 – Last day to register to vote for the Nov. 3rd election 
  • 11/3 – Election Day!

Missouri has now been declared a “red zone” due to uncontrolled spread of the coronavirus. Our Governor won’t act in this crisis, so we must do everything we can on the individual level – please wear your mask whenever you’re not at home, wash your hands frequently, and seriously limit your time out doing non-essential activities.


Lauren Gepford
Executive Director
Missouri Democratic Party

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