He can’t hide behind talking points

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Crisis reveals a leader’s true nature. And boy, is this crisis revealing.

Congressman Jason Smith voted against the Coronavirus relief bill to provide lifesaving assistance to working families and small businesses in the 8th district. 

There are no talking points to hide behind when you take a vote like that. 

Since he’s been in office, he’s seen six rural hospitals close, voted to repeal the ACA, voted to keep rural women from accessing reproductive healthcare, and just last year, he voted against protections for Missourians with preexisting conditions. 

The time has come for Jason Smith to answer for his actions. Our COVID cases are skyrocketing and defeating him has taken on a new level of urgency for rural Missourians.

Kathy Ellis is a fighter. 

She’s a social worker with a 35-year career and a first-person view of what happens when rural Missourians lose access to health care and mental health services. 

She’s running to send Jason Smith back home, but victory is going to take two big things – your generous support and massive voter outreach.

We’re on the cusp of some big wins. Districts and seats are in play that no one ever dreamt would be in play this time last year. National attention is pouring in. Polls are showing a change in the winds.

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