Infographic Contrasts Coronavirus Relief Proposals

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Infographic: Differing Coronavirus Relief Bills

How will the latest Coronavirus relief proposals impact you?

The different Coronavirus relief bills can be confusing. Most people don’t have the time to go through hundreds of pages. But this is a vital issue that could leave many people homeless and unemployed. How can the details be shared so people can demand a fair bill before it is too late?

Infographics make it easier for more people to understand the essence of large amounts of data. We used Prezi, a free app, to create an infographic that contrasts Democratic and Republican Coronavirus relief proposals.

Background: Differing Democratic and Republican Coronavirus relief proposals

“The GOP opted against including new funding for state and local governments and hazard pay for essential front-line workers … the federal government would provide a $200-per-week benefit for each jobless worker — down from the $600 it is currently providing… For city, county and state leaders, the GOP plan offers only minimal relief. It contains no new dollars, despite months of pleas from local government leaders who sought as much as $1 trillion in new federal aid.” – Washington Post

Infographics make it easier for people to penetrate the smoke screens and understand what’s really going on.

Infographic: the differences between the House and Senate Coronavirus Relief Bills


Infographics display information visually to make it easier for more people to get the ‘big picture’ and spot patterns. Online infographics have the additional benefits:
1. Readers can interact with them and dig in for details based
2. They can be easily updated with new information
3. Can include different elements such as graphics, spreadsheets, maps and videos
4. Can be easily shared with others on social media through a link
5. Viewed on any device – phone, tablet or laptop

Here are other examples of infographics which can be freely obtained and shared here.

Other examples of infographics that can be freely obtained and shared.


Get you point across quickly. Create your own infographics with free, easy-to-use apps like Prezi.

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