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July 20, 2020

The Primary Election Is Underway

Let’s think of this year’s elections as a three week process rather than a single day. The last day to vote in the Primary Election is August 4. But voting is already underway and many have voted. In the midst of a pandemic, the safest thing to do — for ourselves, for the poll workers, and for our community — is to vote early. For those who are unable to vote by mail, early in-person voting is available on weekdays at these locations throughout the county.

The Flagstaff in-person early voting locations are at the Flagstaff Mall (next to Dillard’s) and at a drive-through service window located at 2304 N 3rd Street, Flagstaff (a former bank branch).

Any voter can request that a ballot be mailed to you as late as July 24 — this Friday.

There will also be drive-through early voting available in Flagstaff on Saturday, July 25 and emergency voting on Saturday, August 1 at the Flagstaff City Hall, westside parking lot. 

Now, take action!  Contact three friends and remind them to vote. Urge them to vote early to be safe and to be sure their vote is counted. The primary is important in itself — we do have contests on the Democratic side; moreover, it is a practice run for the General Election. Get your friends in the mindset to vote; help them find where to vote. Friends don’t let friends miss an election!

What’s At Stake in the Primary Election?

Learn about Democratic Candidates by visiting their websites. Here is a full list of candidates in the upcoming Democratic Primary.

Our local party has hosted all* of the candidates in contested races at our Monthly Democratic Action Meetings and presented them an opportunity to appear on video through our Facebook pages. The Democratic primary contests in Coconino County are:

(Links are to our videos.)

The Flagstaff Mayoral primary is non-partisan. There are three candidates on the ballots of city residents; two are Democrats. Two of the three candidates will advance to the November General Election.  We hosted a forum for the two Democrats — Paul Deasy and Jamie Whelan — on June 20, with followup written questions.

There are also two propositions on the ballot for City of Flagstaff residents. We recommend a No vote on Prop 434.

*Except one who chose not to participate.

Weekend of Action

To launch the last 100 days to victory, Mission for Arizona will host a Weekend of Action this coming Saturday and Sunday. 

Sunday afternoon will be devoted to our Legislative District Campaign for Felicia French and Coral Evans.  The remainder of the weekend we’ll work on voter registration and early voting efforts to help candidates up and down the ballot.  Join in the effort!

A note from your new Chair

This coming weekend we’ll have only 100 days left.

Looking back, I am so proud of the exponential growth from May to June in the activity of our volunteers working on campaigns. And the early reports I’m getting for July are even more encouraging. I didn’t intend to be Chair; I was happy playing a supportive role these last years. But life sometimes has surprises and here I am, as of July 9, Chair of the Coconino County Democratic Party. The party is you — it is every Democrat in Coconino County. If you are a precinct committee person, your leadership role now needs to kick into high gear — join the campaign activities as you see them on our calendar and lead by example. If you are a volunteer, thank you for stepping up to help win this election.

On a personal note, thank you to everyone who has called and written to me to offer their support and encouragement. I hope I’ve encouraged some of you in return. In the midst of a global pandemic and as the current occupant of the White House and his gangster cronies escalate their attacks on democracy, many of you are weary. And, then, we lost John Lewis — a titan in the fight for democracy, freedom, fairness, equality.

In June, reporter Jonathan Capehart asked Representative Lewis “what he would say to people who feel as though they have already been giving it their all but nothing seems to change.” Lewis answered: “You must be able and prepared to give until you cannot give any more. We must use our time and our space on this little planet that we call Earth to make a lasting contribution, to leave it a little better than we found it, and now that need is greater than ever before.”

“Do not get lost in a sea of despair,” Lewis tweeted almost exactly a year before his death. “Do not become bitter or hostile. Be hopeful, be optimistic. Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble. We will find a way to make a way out of no way.”

For the next 3-plus months, let’s make ourselves “able and prepared.” Put aside the despair, make noise, and get in “necessary trouble.” Whatever is necessary to get every good citizen to the polls in November should be done. Good citizens make #GoodTrouble.

I saw a landslide election once in my lifetime, and out of that came Medicare, Medicaid, the Voting Rights Act, and more. Now is the time for another revolution at the ballot box — #GoodTrouble.

~ Ann Heitland (h/t Heather Cox Richardson for the John Lewis history and quotations.)

Livestream with Coral Evans for LD-6

This Wednesday, our LatinX Voter Committee will Livestream with Mayor Coral Evans, Candidate for LD-6 House.  Join us at noon here.

Northeast Arizona Native Democrats

A coalition Coconino, Apache, and Navajo County Parties have been working to get out the Navajo/Hopi vote. The organizers that Coconino hired in 2019 have been folded into this effort which now includes ten field organizers (and growing).  In Coconino, we currently have organizers in Tuba City and Leupp who are well-known in their communities and long-time residents. These connections are especially important given the restrictions on in-person gathering during this campaign.

We also have an Executive Director on board, Jaynie Parish, who came to the Coalition from Emily’s List, where she was the media director.  This is a return home for Jaynie. Check out her work on Facebook and Twitter @neazNativeDemocrats and @neazNativeDems, respectively.  Our Coconino Facebook Page — @TubaCityDems — is still active and recently hosted Supervisor Lena Fowler, who is running for re-election in Coconino County District 5. 

Coconino County has previously mailed a newsletter to Native households. This week, a joint newsletter will go to thousands of households in all three counties. Take a look at this beautiful, eye-catching production.

Mark Kelly and Stacey Abrams!

Virtual Fundraiser this coming Thursday. Details here. 

In Case You Missed This Other News

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For the most current posts, follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well as checking the Latest News on our website.

Candidate Signs Available

Some signs are available for LD-6 Senate Candidate Felicia French. Contact:

Two Democratic candidates for County Supervisor have signs available: 

In the Congressional District 1 race, people can purchase Eva Putzova signs at this link:

Training Opportunities Have Gone Virtual!

We encourage all PCs and volunteers to attend one of our orientation sessions. These explain the party structure and give you an opportunity to learn how you can contribute. We are now doing these sessions on Zoom every Tuesday. If necessary, we can schedule an individual session at another time. 

If we have no RSVPs, the event will not be held!  Call (928) 214-0393 or write

If you are struggling with the technology required to participate in the 2020 campaign, get in touch and we’ll help you learn what you need.

Please Donate If You Can

If you can, please increase your monthly donation or make a special one-time contribution now.  We’re moving into the homestretch and we want to do everything possible to win.

Calendar of Democratic Events in Coconino County
Here’s How to Reach Your Ex Com Members

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