Do This 1 Thing If You Want More People to Vote in 2020

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How much would you like to see voter turnout skyrocket for the general election this November?

If you’re anything like me, you want to see a landslide in the presidential election and massive turnout for state and local elections. We need to send the current leaders of our country a strong message. A message, delivered by tens of millions of votes, that won’t be misunderstood.

I will continue to talk about ways you can be involved in voter outreach but today, we need to look at ways we can help make sure that every voter who WANTS to vote this November, will have the ability to do so. And since we’re facing a health crisis, there are additional hurdles to achieving that goal.

I wasn’t the only one thinking about this problem, it turns out.

The fantastic team at Americans of Conscience Checklist (AoCC) were on it. Their weekly checklist full of actions to strengthen our democracy is one of the best out there, and they regularly feature actions connected to voting. But the issue of voting while we face these unprecedented challenges was something they wanted to tackle in a deeper way.

So, they did a lot of research and came up with a list of 22 actions we can take to make voting more accessible and secure. You can find this amazing checklist HERE.

I reached out and spoke with Jen Hofmann, founder of AoCC, to ask her why her team decided to dedicate the entire month to this topic:

“We still have time to make voting safer in time for November, especially at the local level. Given that we are in a pandemic that does not have a defined end date, it’s even more important to get as many people speaking up now so that every single citizen can cast a ballot in November easily, securely, and safely.”

I couldn’t agree more! I encourage you to check out this fantastic voting checklist and start tackling the actions. You could block some time off and power through a bunch of these actions at once, or you could do one action a day until they are all done. Your choice. By themselves, each action doesn’t take very much time, and the AoCC team has made it really easy for you. Just click and go!

They even have a little checkbox under each action, so you can quite literally check it off your list! They are hoping to collectively see 6,000 checkmarks, so please, if you do these actions, be sure to check the box. Again, the checklist is HERE.

I want to give a huge shout of thanks to Jen and the whole AoCC team for collecting and preparing this fantastic resource for us. Let’s get on it! November is right around the corner!

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