Special election results from Texas

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Breaking news from a key battleground state: Late last night, in a special election for a must-win seat in the Texas Senate, Democrats Sarah Eckhardt & Eddie Rodriguez SHUT OUT the two Republican candidates – guaranteeing a Democratic victory in a runoff later this year!

This resounding victory confirms what we’ve known all along: With enough support, Democrats can win ANYWHERE, including in red-leaning states like Texas. Even better, we’ve now pulled back to within one seat of breaking the GOP supermajority in the state Senate – with major implications for redistricting next year.

This is an important victory, but an even bigger challenge is approaching soon: The LAST special election before November, for a red-leaning legislative seat in South Carolina.

Winning this final special election battle could be Lindsey Graham’s worst nightmare – giving Democrats crucial momentum right on the eve of Graham’s toughest re-election fight ever. We must step up immediately to have our candidates’ backs in races like this one.

Ever since Trump was elected, Lindsey Graham has spent every waking moment protecting him from accountability – and now, we have a chance to make him pay the price.

Even in a reliably Republican state, polls show Graham neck-and-neck with his Democratic challenger. He’s even been OUTRAISED in the past two quarters, giving Democrats a huge opening to send Trump’s most vocal ally down to defeat with him.

Make no mistake: Defeating Lindsey Graham won’t be easy. But if we start flipping seats from red to blue in his own state, we’ll send a message that not even Trump’s most loyal allies are safe this fall.

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