Action Alert: One Simple Thing You Can Do This Morning

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Today is a red alert level Election Year deadline.

It’s the last day to register to vote or update your registration in order to cast your ballot for Medicaid expansion on August 4th

Have you moved? Did you get married and change your name? Unsure if your info is up-to-date?

Right now is the time to check it. Click here.

Whew, okay, you’re all good to go? 

Then why don’t you request your absentee ballot today and get the whole thing over with right now?

We’re not gonna sugarcoat this. Republicans are making it harder to vote during the pandemic. 

This is how you push back. 

They’re closing polling places, causing long lines, and basically throwing obstacles in front of you as you’re walking up to the voting booth. 

Request your absentee ballot, bypass their red tape, and make history by voting for Medicaid expansion. 

Absentee voting is so convenient – we recommend checking the second or last box to make it even more convenient.

It’s a simple action you can take today, but the impact will be felt for a generation.

Thank you,

-Sadie, Digital Manager, Missouri Democrats

P.S. Be an organizer for the day! Forward this email to three folks who need this reminder – a friend, a coworker, a neighbor!

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