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I want to thank everyone who has participated in our phone banks, in our postcard program, in urging their friends and family to sign up for Vote-By-Mail. It’s working. Perhaps you saw the headline in Politico, touting Democratic Vote-By-Mail signups in Florida. Statewide, we now boast a 302,000 Vote-By-Mail advantage over Republicans, and as the largest county in the state, we should be proud of all of our efforts here in Miami-Dade. In the past four weeks, we’ve signed up close to 30,000 Democrats in Miami-Dade County.

Why does this matter? 

We know that voters signed up for Vote-By-Mail vote at higher rates than those who are not. And this year, during a pandemic, having the option to vote from home will be more important than ever.

Were you signed up for Vote-By-Mail in the past? Do not assume you are still signed up. Vote-By-Mail requests expire after two general election cycles, so if you signed up before the 2016 general election, you should sign up again. You can sign up here: www.votefromhome.miami.

Mark Your Calendars for the Digital Blue Gala – July 28, 29, 30

The success of our Blue Gala fundraising last year has meant that we were able to hire a field team this year, who have been spearheading our voter contact and volunteer coordination and were able to nimbly transition to digital and remote contact during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve made huge strides because of our organizing and digital work.

While we wish we could hold an in-person Blue Gala again this year, with the help of our Blue Gala Chair, David Richardson, we are transitioning to holding a digital gala instead.

Interested in hearing more about the Blue Gala and how you can be involved as a sponsor or a volunteer? Reach out to us and we will be happy to schedule a phone call and send you more information.

Trilingual Vote-By-Mail Webinars

Have questions about how Vote-By-Mail works?

We held three back-to-back webinars about Vote-By-Mail last night on Facebook live, in English, Haitian Creole and in Spanish, hosted by Rep. Dotie Joseph, Rep. Cindy Polo and Rep. Javier Fernandez. These webinars are available to watch here:

Haitian Creole

Help Us Make Phone Calls

The images we saw of long lines in Georgia and Wisconsin are just one reason we are urging Democrats to sign up to vote by mail. 

Sign up to help us make calls to our fellow Democrats in Miami-Dade to remind them to sign up. We have virtual phone banks scheduled throughout the month of June. We do trainings for anyone who needs it!

Saturday, June 27, Phone Bank with Miami-Dade Dems

Wednesday, July 1, Phone Bank TRAINING

Wednesday, July 1 Phone Bank with Miami-Dade Dems

And you can always see these events and much more at www.miamidadedems.org/events.

Postcards to voters

Not comfortable on the phones? We also have an extensive postcard writing campaign, and we have many more postcards to get through. If you’re interested in joining the program, you can purchase a postcard packet for $10, and it comes with 25 postcards, a list of addresses, and postage included. You can purchase it from our website here, and arrange pickup with our Field Director, Ariel Sepulveda.

Rainbow Coalition Caravan for Biden for Pride Month

Secure your spot in the caravan and reserve your Rainbow Joe BUMPER STICKER @ http://CARAVAN.BidenForFL.com

In recognition of Pride Month, LGBTQ+ Leaders and Joe Biden supporters are organizing a Caravan on the streets of the Sunshine State!

STARTING POINTS IN several counties; for Miami-Dade:

Miami Beach High
2231 Prairie Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Decorate your car to show your support for Joe Biden in the most colorful way you can, invite your friends who represent every color of the rainbow, and come out to be part of the biggest and best pride parade in history!

The best decorated vehicles will be entered in our contest to win one of three cash prizes!

1st place winner: $100
2nd place winner: $50
3rd place winner: $20

All CDC Guidelines for social distancing will be followed, with participants staying safe in their own vehicles during the Rainbow JOE Coalition Caravan.  Your health and safety are our top priority, as they will be for Joe Biden when we elect him as President of the United States!

Sign up for the Voter Protection Team

One of the missions that we have in the Miami-Dade Democratic Party is to protect the right of our citizens to vote. The Miami-Dade Democratic Party’s Voter Protection Committee, chaired by Wayne Brody is looking for volunteers to help with this mission. 

We don’t know what in-person voting will look like in August or November, but we do know that we need lawyers, activists, and problem solvers to help recruit, work the polls, and troubleshoot remotely. If you are up to joining the fight to save the vote, click here to sign up

Become a Sustaining Donor

I can’t thank all of our sustaining donors enough for stepping up and pitching in a small amount each month. These sustaining donations allow us to plan the programs that will drive up voter turnout across our county. We couldn’t run our field program or our digital program without your support. 

Can you become a sustaining donor of $7$10, or $20.20 today?

We know this is a tough time for many of us right now, so please know we appreciate you staying involved in any way that you can. Thank you for all you do.

Christopher Richmond
Executive Director

Miami-Dade Democratic Party

Coronavirus Resources: We’ve collected resources on drive-through testing, grocery store hours, unemployment and small business aid and more here at miamidadedems.org/covid.  

Are you a sustaining donor? Even $5 a month makes a big difference.The local Miami-Dade Democratic Party is a self-funded, membership-driven organization of dedicated volunteers. We are the largest Democratic county (600K registered Democrats) in the biggest swing state. We have a plan to win in 2020 and remove Trump from office, and it involves paid staff, increasing efforts in voter registration, outreach, events, and marketing. Support our work with a monthly donation of any amount here: https://www.miamidadedems.org/sustaining

DemCast is an advocacy-based 501(c)4 nonprofit. We have made the decision to build a media site free of outside influence. There are no ads. We do not get paid for clicks. If you appreciate our content, please consider a small monthly donation.

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