Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson (Indivisible Chicago Podcast)

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This week’s guest is Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson.

  • The current president initially planned his first pandemic rally to be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma — of all places — on June 19th — of all dates. Tom talks about the Tulsa Race Massacre, and what it means for the president to choose this place for his first MAGA rally for months.
  • This week’s guest is Brandon Johnson, Cook County Commissioner for the first district, where he serves on a number of committees, including the Criminal Justice Committee—of which he is vice chair. Commissioner Johnson joins the podcast this week to talk about the aftermath of the George Floyd murder, the impact is has had on his district, and how we must not squander this moment when real change is possible.

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Each week on the Indivisible Chicago Podcast, host Tom Moss talks to our representatives, newsmakers, activists, scholars, and Indivisible Chicago neighborhood chapter leads to learn more about what is happening in the push-back against the Trump agenda.

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