Third Party Politics: What’s Not in it for You!

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The Mamas once again answer the question:

“How the hell did Orange Caligula become president of the United States” Answer? Third Party candidates!

Listen as we clue you in and give you the tools to combat thirdpartyisms like
1) I don’t like either candidate
2) My candidate was blocked by the establishment
3) The two party system sucks
And other whining nonsense.

Picture if you will 4 more years of what we have – This WILL get worse: crashed economy, the rise of white butt hurt nationals, a global pandemic, and our financial future squandered on Golf & nepotism Barbie et al Autocracy

Or picture if you will, the candidate THE PEOPLE choose and what that leadership will look like: peace, stability, respect in the world view, no more disease and pestilence. Democracy

The choices are so stark – there is no room for a 3rd party at this time. But if you want a chance at that suck it up and do the right thing.

We are gonna tell you WHY and HOW 


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