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This year’s South Carolina Democratic Party Convention will be a virtual event streamed live on Facebook at 10:00 AM on Saturday, June 6. All Democrats in South Carolina are invited to join in the live stream. If you are a delegate or an alternate to the state convention, you will need to cast your relevant votes in advance on June 1 & 2 (for DNC members and congressional district delegates to the national convention) and June 4 & 5 (other national delegate slots, votes on rules and resolutions and any necessary runoffs for DNC members). Delegates may choose to vote by email or by phone. It is important to note that if you wish to vote by email, you will need to register to do so by 10:00 pm on Saturday, May 30. You do not need to register to vote by phone.

All delegates and alternates should have received an email and/or a letter with detailed information about the convention and instructions on how to register. If you are a state delegate or alternate and you have not received one of these communications, please call the state party office at 803-799-7798.

Not sure if you are a delegate or alternate? Click here to view the list from Charleston County.


Please consider supporting your neighbors here in Charleston County who have put their names forward as candidates for DNC Member or National Delegate. 

DNC Member
Clay Middleton

National Delegate (Biden, SC-1)
Veronica Anthos
Gloria Aslandis
Caitlin Coaxum
Michael Kerrigan
Karolyane Nascimento
Amy Lauren Scott
Peter Tecklenburg
Kelsey Willey
Roy Willey

National Delegate (Sanders, SC-1)
Wendell Gilliard
Sydney Van Bulck

National Delegate (Biden, SC-6)
Sally Eisenberg
Marvin Pendarvis
Brady Quirk-Garvan
Leslie Rozier

National Delegate (Sanders, SC-6)
None from Charleston County

Each delegate may vote for whomever they wish and there are fantastic candidates from all across the state for these positions, but we wanted to make sure you knew about your neighbors here in Charleston who are running. We hope you will give them strong consideration as you decide who to support for these important positions.

All meetings until further notice will be conducted “virtually” using Zoom. You can connect by computer or telephone. We will have regular training sessions where you can try Zoom out and get comfortable participating this way. We will continue to use MobilizeAmerica to RSVP.

THU MAY 28 8:30 AM
Virtual Coffee with Colleen Brew your own cup of joe and join the conversation by phone or video chat.Virtual Meeting (by computer or phone)Click here to RSVP >
THU MAY 28 6:00 PM
May Mix-Along Series with Kristin for Sheriff Support Kristin Graziano’s campaign to be the next sheriff of Charleston County by joining her supporters for a May Mix-Along Series. Every Thursday in the month of May, participants will receive an ingredient list for the featured cocktail and can mix their beverage along with the guest mixologist. Guests will have a chance to interact with Kristin and learn more about her vision for the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office.Virtual Meeting (by computer or phone)Click here for details >
THU MAY 28 6:30 PM
Virtual Primary Candidate Forums: County Coroner & North Area Candidates .Join us as we relaunch the North Area Democrat Club, introduce you to our new club leaders, and host candidate forums for the June 9th primary! We invite you to join us (virtually) to hear from our local Democratic candidates. Candidates will have an opportunity to address some of the issues important to the constituency they seek to serve.Virtual Meeting (by computer or phone)Click here to RSVP >
FRI MAY 29 6:30 PM
Virtual Primary Candidate Forums: County Council 6. Come to our Democratic Primary Candidate Forum for Charleston County Council District 6 between Christan Rainey and Kylon Middleton.Virtual Meeting (by computer or phone)Click here to RSVP >
SUN MAY 31 5:30 PM
Sunday Funday Fundraiser for Kathryn WhitakerP. Please join us for a Sunday Funday Fundraiser to learn more about Kathryn, why she’s running, and how she’s going to win on November 3. Hosted by Karen and Rob Byko and Jane Pulling.Virtual Meeting (by computer or phone)Click here for more info >
SAT JUN 6 10:00 AM
SCDP Virtual Convention. All are invited to watch the 2020 South Carolina Democratic Party convention. It will be streamed live to the SCDP Facebook page and thousands of Democrats from across the state are expected to participate.Streaming Live on the SCDP Facebook PageVisit the SCDP Facebook Page >
SUN JUN 7 3:00 PM
Domingos with the Democrats. Join us for this very special virtual version of our monthly event for the Spanish language community in Charleston County. This month, we are very excited to present a Salsa concert on Facebook Live! Award-winning singer El Deivy Jimenez will perform some Salsa favorites and we’ll also hear from some of our Democratic candidates. This month’s event will be bilingual and everyone is invited to join in!Streaming Live on the CCDP Español Facebook PageVisit the CCDP Español Facebook Page >

Volunteer for the Shifa Clinic in Mt. Pleasant

The Shifa Clinic located in Mount Pleasant was established by the Islamic Circle of North America Relief and is a member of the SC Free Clinic Association. Shifa Clinic provides advanced Gynecological and Primary health care to residents in the Lowcountry as well as an on-site dispensary and food pantry. Free services are available to anyone between the ages of 19 and 64, with no health insurance, and income within 250% of the Federal poverty level based on the number of people in their household. During the COVID-19 pandemic, instead of coming in-person, the clinic is providing a food doorstep delivery drop-off service to those in need.

They need volunteers to help sort produce and fill bags as well as drivers to make the deliveries.

Let’s Send Lindsey Graham Home!

In case you missed it, Jaime Harrison just outraised Lindsey Graham by nearly $2 million last quarter and set a new fundraising record in the process. Polling has shown him within the margin of error in his race to unseat Lindsey, but he can only win if Charleston County can deliver the votes he needs. Can you help us get out the vote in the fastest growing blue county in South Carolina?

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The mission of the Charleston County Democratic Party is to educate and encourage participation in the political process by people of all backgrounds who support Democratic principles. Funds garnered from this participation will be used to help elect Democratic candidates and to support Democratic programs.

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