The right wing’s latest partisan game

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Here’s the latest –

When Donald Trump calls anyone “very good” or “very fine” people, he’s often talking about the most terrible people you can imagine.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what Trump called a crowd of screaming, AR-15-toting, Trump-flag-waving protestors who charged into the Michigan capitol building – almost certainly spreading coronavirus to police officers and each other – demanding that Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ignore public health officials’ advice and let the virus spiral out of control.

Now, just as a right-wing petition to recall Gov. Whitmer passes 300,000 signatures, Trump just threatened to “hold up funding for Michigan” to punish Democratic efforts to make voting safer during the crisis.

This pitiful, partisan gamesmanship is about nothing more than Trump’s personal vendetta against one of the most effective governors in the nation – a woman whose devoted leadership is putting his own incompetence and corruption to shame.

Democrats everywhere MUST launch an immediate response to outrageous power-grabs like this recall and Trump’s threats. We’re asking 5,000 of our best supporters to step up immediately to help Democratic legislators mobilize and fight back everywhere we can >>

What Trump and his allies hate the most about Governor Whitmer is her sky-high approval rating for her decisive handling of the global health crisis. In a state Trump won four years ago, voters trust Gov. Whitmer more than him by a nearly 2-to-1 margin.

But instead of taking their responsibilities seriously like Gov. Whitmer did, Trump and state Republicans lied about this crisis from the very start. They downplayed the risks. Trump even called the whole situation a “hoax.”

Now, Republican state legislators are trying to strip Gov. Whitmer of key powers. Right-wing activists are trying to recall her. And Trump himself is holding crucial federal funding hostage while encouraging extremists like these protesters to act in a way that endangers everyone’s health.

No matter what happens, we CANNOT let outrageous schemes like this recall and Trump’s latest attacks succeed.

Only a clear, unambiguous signal from Democrats across the country can stop schemes like this in their tracks.

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