Your Mad? (Heartland Mamas podcast)

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The Heartland Mamas discuss why people are so ANGRY right now 

Fear comes in many forms, it’s that fight or flight instinct that has kept mankind safe since our existence. But can you focus that anger on a virus you cannot see? Not many can.

So they get angry at their boss, people not wearing masks in public spaces(Mamma Heidi), the Governor in this patchwork address to COVID-19 since there is NO Federal Response. They are mad at one another. At ANYONE who’s opinion is different than their own. 

The reality is that a VIRUS – something you cannot see or hear – upended all of our lives. We in the USA we are always screaming about “our rights” real and perceived. In this case. it is a VIRUS that took away your rights, your graduation, your horse show season(again mama Heidi)your job, your vacation, your unfettered shopping trips and dinner out. 

Once we grasp that, we can focus on fighting a VIRUS and not one another.


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