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Gov. Parson started off this year totally convinced his election was in the bag. Now that he’s more uneasy by the day about his prospects against rising star Nicole Galloway, he’s resorted to sticking red tape between you and the ballot box. 

The Governor told us on live TV yesterday that “We’re not going to overhaul our voting system because of coronavirus. I’m not for that.”

And the entire Missouri GOP is falling in line.

In the closing hours of this year’s legislative session, Republicans have paid only the most minimal lip service to expanding your right to vote during this pandemic. 

Under the guise of voter fraud prevention, none of their bills truly make voting any safer or any more convenient. In fact, some even strengthen the unconstitutional Voter ID provisions that judges have already struck down.

But there’s something we can all do to push back. 

Register new voters.

Turns out there’s a lot more Democratic leaning folks out there than you might have imagined. About 154,000 of them actually. 

You can take the first step to getting your neighbors ready to hit the polls in November by (safely) getting them registered today. 

$2 per person will mail a postage-paid, pre-filled registration form to these identified potential voters so that all they have to do is sign and drop in the mailbox. Forms are tracked so that we can follow up individually until each one makes it back to their Board of Elections and a new Democrat is added to the rolls. 

Explore the map we created.

Zoom in on your county and precinct to see the kind of impact you can have. 

It’s less than six months until Election Day. Can we count on you to chip in $10 and bring five new voters to the polls with you?

Thanks for your support! 

And don’t forget to vote in your local elections on June 2nd!

-Team MDP

P.S. When we show up, we win! Forward this email on to friends and get them involved too!

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