Make the House Bluer: The GOP Toss-Ups

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We flipped the House in 2018, but why don’t we make the Democrats’ majority in the House even bigger in 2020? It can be done!

Yesterday, I listed all of the Democratic Toss-Ups so we can be sure to protect those seats. But if we repeat a BlueWave, we could flip even more Republican seats.

Here are the House seats that are currently held by Republicans that are in the Toss-Up column. These races are highly competitive, and either party could win the seat. We can flip them.

The Republican House Toss-Ups

Georgia 7th – Rob Woodall is not running for re-election, so this seat is open. A list of all of the Democratic candidates running in the June primary can be found HERE.

Illinois 13th – Betsy Londrigan won the Democratic primary and will face the incumbent, Rodney Davis in November. Follow her campaign HERE.

Pennsylvania 10th – Scott Perry is the incumbent. The two Democratic candidates running in the June primary are Tom Brier and Eugene DePasquale.

Texas 22nd – Pete Olson is not running for re-election, so this seat is open. Sri Preston Kulkarni won the Democratic primary. Follow his campaign HERE.

Texas 24th – Kenny Marchant is not running for re-election, so this seat is open. Kim Olson and Candace Valenzuela advanced in the Democratic primary and will face off in the runoff election in mid-July.

There are another 12 House seats that are in the Lean Republican column, so if you want to keep flipping Republican seats, check out that list HERE

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