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Five Things to Know Today

Good morning! I went to the store yesterday for a few things, and pretty much everyone was wearing a mask. Turned out the store had a person standing at the single entrance (the other entrance is now “exit only”) and checking people to be sure they were wearing a mask. No mask, no groceries.

It appears we are easing into our “new normal” in Kentucky. Most people don’t want to rush things, because they don’t want to be a test case for Virus Roulette.

And, most people trust the job our governor is doing. Yesterday I posted a Kentucky-specific analysis of a recent nation-wide survey on the impact of COVID-19 on people, and on their trust and opinions of various leaders and experts. As you probably already know, Governor Beshear has one of the highest approval ratings in the country. What you may not know is where his trust rating is (a different question). Go take a look at the story, and dig into the numbers if you want to; I’ve linked to the docs.

Finally, if you haven’t read our latest general newsletter, please do so. There are a number of important updates in there, that affect everyone who reads Forward Kentucky.

Wash your hands 🧼, wear your mask 😷, and get tested. We’re going to get through this, together. #TeamKentucky

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Ten-year-old on ventilator; first KY case of pediatric syndrome – 5/11 update
Also, Beshear urged Kentuckians to moderate their goings-about and wear masks, and pleaded with them to get tested for the virus. Includes other details, and video. (Forward Kentucky)

KYians watch Trump … but trust Beshear
We learned in a recent survey that Andy Beshear has one of the highest approval ratings in the country when it comes to dealing with COVID. But, what else was in there? We take a look. (Forward Kentucky)

First federal inmate in Kentucky dies of COVID-19 at prison wracked by the coronavirus
The number of inmates infected with COVID-19 is skyrocketing at a federal prison in Lexington, Kentucky, and now the first prisoner there has died. Juan Mata, 59, who tested positive for COVID-19 on April 30, died Monday, according to the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department. 

More than one-fourth of the 411 Lexington residents infected by the virus are at the Federal Medical Center. (Courier-Journal)

Fiscal Court discusses proposed unity banner
(follow-up to this earlier story) – During the McCracken County Fiscal Court meeting, Judge Executive Craig Clymer provided an update on his water tower project. The Fiscal Court is one step closer to making the unity water tower banner a reality after discussing a new bank account for the project. The request comes after Clymer says they received several thousand dollars in donations for the project unsolicited. (West Kentucky Star)

‘God has forgiven me.’ Central Kentucky candidate refuses to leave race after DUI plea
Monteia Mundy is running to represent the state’s 88th district, which includes southern Fayette County. She was arrested in April in Madison County and charged with driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident without rendering aid and failure to wear a seat belt.

Mundy, a Republican, said in her statement that her decision to remain in the race was influenced by her primary opponent. “Of course, I considered withdrawing from the race. It was only natural. However, during that same time, while my primary opponent was making public statements saying he was praying for me, he was messaging me privately threatening me. He gave me a deadline to withdraw from the race and back him, and if I didn’t meet his deadline, he indicated that he and his people would ruin me and my future.”

The opponent in question, Aaron Yates, denied the accusation that any threat was made. (Herald-Leader)

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[new] At least one Frankfort church worshipped in person Sunday, but a reporter was denied entry – With a federal court order on its side, Faith Victory Church World Distribution Center opened its doors for a worship service Sunday morning. But the House of the Lord wasn’t open to everyone. Especially not to a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” (read)

🔥 [new] Dear “open it up” folks – take a look at Sweden – Many conservatives are in love with the idea of Sweden’s approach – no lockdown. Well, if nothing else, Sweden’s alternative response to the virus was … a good control group. And what we’re learning now is that failing to shut down hasn’t just led to more deaths, but—surprise surprise!—it also didn’t prevent its economy from tanking. In fact, Sweden is poised for more economic pain than its neighbors. (read)

[new] Updates and summaries of recent anti-Beshear court cases – We have updates on two of the lawsuits we’ve been following. They are both Maryville Baptist Church related, one where the church and its pastor are the plaintiffs and one where three attendees are the plaintiffs and sued to block the mass gathering order AND the travel ban. (read)

🔥 Is COVID-19 actually worse in Kentucky’s rural counties? – The numbers of cases and deaths are biggest in our cities. But when it comes to rates, how are our rural counties doing? Actually, worse than the cities. (read)


🔥 Dear Kentuckians – Here are eight scenarios for life after COVID – In the fifth installment in the series, I lay out four bad and four good scenarios for life after the coronavirus pandemic. See which ones you agree with. (read)

🔥 A guide to vaccine wing-nuttery – The wing-nuts on the right have seized on the pandemic as a breeding ground for their, uhm, UNIQUE conspiracy theories. Here’s a guide to the latest. (read or listen)


[new] Those COVID models? They’re tools, not destiny. – Each day we are deluged with new predictions of what lies ahead in the pandemic. So where do these models come from? And, how should we think about them? (read)

— Media —

🔥 What are Trump and the GOP really up to? – On this week’s The State of Kentucky we are joined by lawyer, author, and political analyst Teri Kanefield, who regularly publishes analysis of Trump and the GOP that is insightful, timely, and revealing. Is it all random, or is there a method to the madness? Join us to learn more! (watch)

[podcast] COVID-19 protests & lawsuits, budget shortfall, interview with Ryan Olexia – This week – the ongoing COVID-19 response, a major protest, two lawsuits, and the budget shortfall. Plus Ryan Olexia, the Dem candidate for Senate in Northern Kentucky. (listen)

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