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Five Things to Know Today

Good morning! A couple of quick notes this morning:

  • Please plan on listening to the Teri Kanefield interview tomorrow (Friday), either live at noon or by viewing it later on our site. I’ve included the blurb below, with the links to the live show at noon. I think it will be one of the more enlightening episodes of our show.
  • Watch for a general newsletter coming today or tomorrow. I’ll be outlining some changes to the site, including some new features and some visual changes. As they say, “All will be revealed.”

All for this morning. Wash your hands. Wear your masks, homemade or store-bought. And check on each other. We’re going to get through this, together. #TeamKentucky

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This Friday’s “The State of Kentucky”

What are Trump and the GOP really up to?
Join us for this week’s show featuring award-winning author and analyst Teri Kanefield, as she explains the actions of the Republican party, the 50-year struggle driving those actions, and how Trump’s actions actually fit into that plan. Live at noon on Facebook and YouTube. Don’t miss this discussion – it will reframe the way you see politics.

Restaurant rules, limited child-care options, three clinical trials – 5/6 update
Gov. Andy Beshear hit on a range of topics that included efforts to allow some child care in the next phase of reopening the economy, an adjusted out-of-state travel ban, and his drumbeat that relaxation of restrictions to fight the coronavirus doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still strive to be “healthy at home.” (Forward Kentucky)

As expected, April state receipts paint bleak picture
General Fund receipts dropped 33% from last year, not only due to the impact of the coronavirus, but also from delaying the income tax filing deadline. (Forward Kentucky)

Official: Schools should be flexible with start dates
The Kentucky Department of Education is asking school districts to be flexible as they plan calendars for the next school year. Districts should prepare for three possibilities: an early start, possibly in July; a traditional start in August and a late start, possibly after Labor Day, Interim Commissioner Brown said. He advised superintendents to ask school boards to approve multiple calendars and to be prepared to adapt depending on circumstances. (Herald-Leader)

National Guard stepping in to help with Kentucky’s primary election
Gov. Andy Beshear is calling in some reinforcements to help with Kentucky’s upcoming primary election. The National Guard will assist officials in the commonwealth ahead of and during the election, which is scheduled for June 23, Beshear and Gen. Hal Lamberton announced at Wednesday’s coronavirus press briefing in Frankfort.

National Guard members are set to help at voting sites around the state on election day, Lamberton said, and cyber security professionals will also be available to help election officials protect their online systems from any breaches.

It’s an arrangement that makes sense, Lamberton said. Many poll workers are older and more at risk against the coronavirus, which the general said has already affected primary plans and could have an impact on November’s general election. National Guard members live all over Kentucky, so mobilizing to help shouldn’t be much of an issue.  (Courier-Journal)

Kentucky man accused of threatening Gov. Beshear had grenades and assault rifles, feds say
A Kentucky man is facing federal charges after making threats to Gov. Andy Beshear and Kentucky State Police troopers, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Western District of Kentucky. Jeremiah Wooley, 25, made his threats on a social media platform under a false name, court records show. The nature of his threats was not stated.

When state police arrested Wooley, of Kevil, he had two handguns in his possession and a search warrant revealed many more guns and weapons at his home. There were 12 additional firearms, including a 50 caliber rifle, assault style firearms, shotguns and handguns, at his residence, records show. Several of the loaded guns were in arms reach of children, ages 10, 7 and 5 years old, according to an arrest citation. (Herald-Leader)

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— News —

[new] Beshear holds firm on plans to reopen, but may pause if needed – 5/5 update – State reports highest daily case number; about half at Green River correctional facility. Beshear says state still feels it can begin reopening. (read)

🔥 Indivisible KY endorses Broihier in Senate race – Indivisible KY today announced their endorsement of Mike Broihier for the Democratic nomination in the U.S. Senate race, joining three other Indivisible groups in endorsing Broihier. (read)

🔥 KY Black Legislative Caucus condemns ‘rally’ at Capitol – “It didn’t take long for those attending the so-called Freedom Rally to show their true colors, from waving Confederate flags and automatic weapons to flashing white supremacy symbols.” (read)

🔥 KYGA Dem leaders denounce racism at rally and the leges who participated – The Democratic leadership in both chambers of the General Assembly issued a statement denouncing Saturday’s protest at the Capitol as a “racist exercise,” and calling out the legislators who participated in the event. (read)

🔥 COVID-19: How is Kentucky doing compared to its neighbors? – It seems that Kentucky is ahead of the game when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus – but what do the numbers show? Here’s a look at some data. (read)

🔥 Is COVID-19 actually worse in Kentucky’s rural counties? – The numbers of cases and deaths are biggest in our cities. But when it comes to rates, how are our rural counties doing? Actually, worse than the cities. (read)


[new] 🔥 A guide to vaccine wing-nuttery – The wing-nuts on the right have seized on the pandemic as a breeding ground for their, uhm, UNIQUE conspiracy theories. Here’s a guide to the latest. (read or listen)

Pulitzers don’t grow on trees – YOU have to help them grow! – The Courier-Journal won a Pulitzer. Here are THREE THINGS you need to know about that, including something you need to DO. Read on for more! (read)

🔥 Don’t let him fool you: #CoronaMitch is scared – McConnell the Deficit Hawk is back. But, worrying about the deficit seems to be a net loss for Repub chances in the fall. So, why is Mitch doing this now? (read)

🔥 When Trump shafts Fox News – It’s coming, you can count on it – Donald Trump is going to put the shaft to Fox News, just like he has so many other loyal allies. (read)

— Cartoons —

What modern-day heroes REALLY want – During this pandemic, we’ve taken to calling our front-line responders and essential workers the “heroes” of this crisis. Some people have even made capes for them. Aaron Smith, though, captures what many of these modern-day heroes are REALLY thinking. (view)

— Media —

 🔥 John Yarmuth and Nolan Higdon on “The State of Kentucky” – We talk with Cong. John Yarmuth about rescue packages, Joe Biden, and what he thinks of McConnell’s “bankruptcy” comments. Then, we’re joined by Nolan Higdon to talk about his book “The United States of Distraction.” Watch it here! (view)

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