They are Not Ok In Oklahoma or Morris, IL. (Heartland Mamas podcast)

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A Non cohesive Federal response has allowed many states, cities and municipalities to make up their own rules regarding COVID-19 
Dateline: Stilwell, OK

Even in States where there is a clear directive, some cities, municipalities, businesses and stores and making and keeping their own rules. Endangering and confusing the public. 

In some cases, businesses and mayors have been intimidated to change public health policy to accommodate a small minority. These people who want to violate public health policy have used intimidation practices ranging from: Scowling, Verbal Abuse, threats of violence and even reports of threats using a firearm. Yet no one has been held responsible or accountable for making these threats. 

Often both management and mayors have been indecisive and insecure on the best way to address this extreme public health issue and worry is building for municipal  and corporate liability in preventing COVID-19 from spreading by enforcing public health initiatives.


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