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As the weather warms we are all looking for information that the efforts and sacrifices we have all made were not in vain and that in May we will see that statistics show fewer confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Yavapai County. For your safety and the safety of others we recommend that you remain cautious, continue to wear masks in public, and exercise social distancing

On the political front, last month saw Bernie Sanders pull out of the presidential race and fully endorse Joe Biden and now Biden affirmed his commitment to pick a woman as his VP candidate! Democratic candidates across the country are pulling ahead in the polls against incumbent Republicans. Like many Democrats, Mark Kelly is polling ahead of Martha McSally (R). The Judy Stahl campaign has vigorously embraced digital and virtual platforms to share her “common-ground” message. In LD6 Felicia French and Coral Evans are running robust digital campaigns featuring actions like “Canvass from Your Couch” to reach voters. CD4 candidates Delina DiSanto and Stu Starky are primaried on August 4, each battling hard to unseat Rep Paul Gosar (R). 

Here at YavDems we are amplifying the candidate’s messages and looking to the August primary election. Deep concerns regarding another outbreak right in the middle of election season is driving us to focus on getting voters signed up for the Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL).

 The most compelling reason to pursue the ballot-by-mail option this year is it is the safest option for voters, election workers, and voting sites. It provides a way for people to participate in their democracy while implementing the COVID-19 prevention recommendations,”
says Virginia Ross Pinal County recorder and president of the Arizona Recorders Association. Full article in Az Central –Read Here
A targeted campaign to reach voters who are not on PEVL in Yavapai County is underway. Dubbed “Vote Safe,” the project is focused on targeted mailing and followup calls to ensure 
voters get registered for PEVL.

But we could use your help.

Due to the pandemic, Yavapai County Democrats had to cancel our March fundraising event, the Thumb Butte Roundup. It looks like we may have to cancel this rescheduled event for May 14 as well. This puts us well behind our regular fundraising goals for 2020.

Thanks to your generous support in 2019 we have been able to meet most goals, but the strain of this crisis adds extra cost due to our difficulty fundraising in person. Our only way to reach voters now is by mail and phone!

With your help, we can reach these voters
and Turn Arizona Blue!
Contribute Now to Vote Safe in Yavapai County!


Voting in the COVID Era
by Lesley Aine Mckeown

In the challenging past few weeks Arizona has rallied to the call, but as the year continues, concern over the coming election and how it will be conducted is foremost in mind for many voters and candidates.

Cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in three counties by the March 17 Presidential Preference Election, and keeping our voting centers safe for voters and poll workers was a major concern, presenting many challenges. Thankfully over 80% of Arizonans vote by mail, but voting in person was the only option for many, including college students and Native American voters, of which only 18% have mail delivery at home. This raises concerns about the coming elections August 4 and November 3 if the pandemic does not abate or returns in the fall. We need to address this now to ensure that every Arizonan has a safe and secure way to vote, and vote-by-mail is the solution proposed by many.
published 5enses Magazine -May 2020

County Supervisor Races Draw Competition
by Toni Denis

Despite some difficulty racking up signatures on nominating petitions during social distancing, the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors race looks to be the most active horse race of all local elections, with 18 candidates for the five seats and three main issues.
The opening of three seats where incumbents are either retiring or have left has motivated candidates to jump into the breach and vie for one of the most influential and best-paying elected offices in the region.

Those retiring are Tom Thurman of District 2, who has been in the role since 2005, and Rowle Simmons, District 1 since 2013. Jack Smith of District 5 left in July 2019 after seven years in office to take over as state director of USDA Rural Development. The appointee who replaced him is now running for election.
published 5enses Magazine -May 2020

Voter Initiatives Under Threat

by Toni Denis

One great thing about our Arizona Constitution is the provision for voter initiatives.

​If enough validated petition signatures are collected, citizens can bypass the Legislature to pass laws. There are currently 25 voter or ballot initiative groups seeking a place on the November 2020 ballot. Currently we have a system called E-Qual which permits candidates for legislative, statewide and federal office to collect up to half the signatures needed to qualify for the ballot via the web. However, signatures for voter initiatives must be collected in person, not online.

​The social-distancing and stay-at-home order that Covid-19 make necessary have put a virtual halt to these efforts.
published 5enses Magazine -May 2020

You can help turn Yavapai County and Arizona blue
without leaving home or spending money.

Become a Precinct Committeeperson (PC)!

NEW OPTION for Signing Up as a PC!

Submit your paperwork to the YCDP headquarters by May 15.
1. Download and print Write-in Candidate Nomination Paper

2. Circle “Primary Election” on the third line, then complete the remainder of the form. No notarization is required.

3. Return the completed form to YCDP Headquarters no later than May 15.
You can: 

Mail to: PO Box 1644, Prescott, AZ 86302
Drop YCDP HQ Headquarters Office mail slot next to the front door.

4. That’s it, you’re done!

QUESTIONS? Email alexandrapiacenza@gmail.com

We at the Democratic Women of the Prescott Area (DWPA) are focusing our efforts to address the economic and social disruption that is having a significant impact on women in our community. Many of you may have seen the April 17 article in The Daily Courier about the rise in domestic violence in Yavapai County.

DWPA has set a goal of raising and providing a donation of at least $1,250 each to the Prescott Area Shelter Services (PASS) and Stepping Stones. Donations will be divided equally between the two organizations.  READ MORE
Please give generously to this project to help those in
desperate need during this crisis.

Thank you DWPA for your hard work in the community!

“Canvass from your Couch” 
Flip the AZ Legislature from #RedtoBlue

Thursday 2 – 5 pm
Saturday 9:00 – 12pm

Sign up on Mobilize!

Schedule your own shift by contacting jruby@azdem.org

Wear your BLUE support Loud & Proud!
Get your T-shirt Today!
order at: info@yavdem.org
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Men’s and women’s (scooped neck) styles available 
sizes MED,  LG – XXL


Most public events have been cancelled until June 1
May 3 –Bend the Arc National Pursuing Justice 2020
2:00-8:00 pm ET – 
              INFORMATION:  conference.bendthearc.us

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