Human sacrifice to corporate greed

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What’s behind the rush to re-open and force workers back to Coronavirus infested meatpacking plants? Who is pushing to shield corporations from their COVID19 liability?

“McConnell is demanding that Congress use the next Covid-19 stimulus bill to shield corporations from legal responsibility for workers who contract the novel coronavirus on the job.” – Salon.

“Trump’s order would solve the “liability problems” of Tyson Foods, a major poultry producer.” – Intelligencer.

“Tyson’s Chairman total compensation exceeds $10 million. Workers earn on the average about $15/hour and many live below the poverty line. Many are people of color.” – Popular Information.

What’s behind the rush to re-open plants?
We used Kumu to analyze the money and forces behind the rush to re-open plants and shield corporations from responsibility in exposing workers to COVID19.

View the relationship map at

Follow the money
We used Kumu to analyze the money and forces behind the rush to re-open plants and shield corporations from responsibility in exposing workers to COVID19. Information from sources including the NY IntelligencerOXFAMPopular InformationNPRHarvest Public MediaThe CourierU.S. NewsPoliticoWashington PostDes Moines RegisterDaily MailBloombergHuffPostSalon and Open Secrets.

Kumu is a free app that maps people and relationships. It lets you explore complex web of loyalties, interests, influence, and alignment of key players around important issues. 

Take away
Expose the money and greed behind policies that enrich corporations and jeopardize the lives of American workers. Use Kumu to expose and what’s really going on and make it easy for others to follow along. Learn more here.

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