Showing your roots Who is behind the SIP order protests (Heartland Mamas podcast)

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The Heartland Mamas uncover the deep dark roots that are showing in the protests against the Stay At Home orders. 

Manipulating the trump base is a Billionaires playground. As they start the fires they will never themselves participate in. 

Mercenary Capitalists – Hedge Fund Managers – the UBER Rich  willing to sacrifice the lives of trump supporters and the public in general to restart the economy so they can make MONEY! 

The mamas dig into how your life is worthless too them you are just a dollar sign of many. 

Skillfully linking false patriotism, to 2A to extreme behavior. The Money changers move their pieces about the country risking death and sickness to millions in a ploy to make economic woes more important than human life in this pandemic crisis. 

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