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Missouri Democrats

At a certain point, you start to think that maybe the reason Gov. Parson and Secretary of State Ashcroft don’t want easier voting is because when we show up, we tend to win.

Let’s review their record on voting rights during a global health crisis:

  • They refuse to classify the coronavirus epidemic as a valid excuse to request an absentee ballot 
  • They call the push toward vote-by-mail ‘partisan, political, and a Democrat-Republican issue’
  • They moved the April municipal elections back to June but still refused to re-open the voter registration period
  • They dismiss the wishes of 67% of Americans who want mail-in voting for the upcoming elections (Source: WSJ) 

While these battles are making their way through the courts and the legislature, you can get a couple new voters registered and ready to cast their ballots.

Here’s how it works —

We’ve identified 154,000 likely Democrats in every part of this state. Visit our interactive map and click on your county. Zoom in and find your neighborhood or precinct. There may be 18 folks unregistered, there may be 1,800. Every $2 raised means we can mail a pre-filled, postage-paid registration form to your likely Democrat neighbor and all they have to do is sign and drop it in the mailbox. Since the forms are tracked, we have the unique ability to follow up with each individual and ensure it makes it to their election authority and they are added to the rolls.

There is strength in numbers. Why else would the Missouri GOP be so hellbent on not expanding voting access even during a pandemic?

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The Missouri Democratic Party holds the distinction of being the oldest political party in the United States established west of the Mississippi River. For the last century, we’ve led the fight for working families. Today, we’re organizing in communities across Missouri to protect and build on our progress.

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